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Although I do think shall amaze performances. Amazing in case. There was any doubt. He's a good actor. I think this will put any not that there should be any doubt. But he really elevates. What's there? And I don't think what's there is like you said I thought it was repetitive. And it's just a study in misery. And I gotta tell you as much as I do admire Steve Carell from what he's done in terms of stretching. I don't this was a good performance. I just don't think that I don't think the character suited his range limited after all which is perfectly fair. But. It's just didn't think it was his strongest. We went from like to do eleven. Yeah. Again. It was repetitive. And it was cyclical, and it's just it's just watching very difficult situation kind of cycle cycle through. And you know, the filmmaker tries to kind of. Earn interest by scrambling the timeframe and doing lots of kind of visually pretty things. But it doesn't really do anything to change the fact that this is just a, you know, it's it's it's a story we all know way to Americans no way too. Well, but it just didn't offering thing new, and honestly, I don't wanna give anything away. But the fact that that that the young man did write a memoir should tell you something. Which is good news. But I wanted a little bit more about how he you know, or why just like what? Yeah. I just needed some more other than just watching it happen. I needed more insights into what were what were the motivating factors both in terms of the addiction. And ultimately, you know, maybe getting free of it. You know? So I just yeah. I wanted more. I since we're going there. I was thinking will he turned his sons pain into copy? Well. Yeah. How the sun felt about you know. Well, yeah. I mean, I do think there's an interesting sort of subtext of the whole thing, which is that this dad, you know, he was a writer for Rolling Stone. He's hip you can tell that he raised his kid to be cool. You know, it's like you're going to know all the right music, and you're going to have all the right taste and all the right things and part of the part of his reaction to the diction is wait a minute. This isn't the script. You weren't supposed to do. This pot is okay. I did drugs. I'm hip, I'm cool. But this is this is going you can tell he's been projecting his own ego onto this kid all his life. And that's part of the issue. And I did think that was an interesting sub theme. You know, I thought that was really fascinating. Because I think we all tend to do that with parenting. Well, as not a parent, but I would think. Yeah. Like, I'm gonna make you be the cooler version of myself. I'm such a cool dad mom that you won't possibly perfect for you. Screw me over, you know. So I. I loved that part. Like, I thought that actually, but they didn't really I almost felt like it was accidental. You know, like they didn't really delve into it with any kind of just I would not work. I wouldn't either arch by the way Timothy shallow may just to give you an update on what's coming out for him next. Yeah. The king he plays. King. Henry the fifth. Oh, David Michaud. If i'm. Then and this is next year. Then Little Women directed by Greta gerwig. Oh, good. And then this is not they've concluded principal Tigra in this. But a rainy day in New York directed by Allen apparently shelved show. That's last. I heard was that they are not going to be releasing that? Well, there you go. But if you're at you know, what really termi not turn me around on him. I thought I've always thought he was gifted..

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