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I'm Morgan number two. That's getting done for the good news. During winter months homeless shelters, Philip like crazy 'cause obviously really cold, and then they reach capacity and that determine people way which is awful. So there was this empty hospital and someone had the idea like, hey, nobody's using this hospital could return it into temporary shelter. So they put eighty beds in there. And it's now a homeless shelter for men women and their pets. The whole pet thing sets this place totally apart because most shelters don't allow pets Super Bowl. Down head. This story comes from Florida. Police showed up at work at seven AM opened the doors like man, there's broken window. Looks like some of stole a couple items and someone cooked a chicken dinner in the microwave and a police station in the police station like wonder who did it? What are you know, twenty nine year old man, let his ID sitting by the microwave? That's so funny. It's so dumb. Like, that's something. I did in like second grade story. So in second grade had his crush on named Christie, and I would never ever tell her. I liked her. I don't even tell them. So this is consistent in my life. And I was like I'm going to write her a secret admirer. No. And so I wrote this, and I was like, I'm your biggest secret Meyer. I just all I wanna do is hold your hand that kind of thing in second grade, and I gave in a put it on her desk. And then I was like she she just needs to know she has to go to my. Yeah. It was my stupid worksheet on the other side of it. And it's my name. Bonus smart, but like not. When it comes to girls like, oh, yeah. Thank you. Boneheads story today. Your buddy. Transmitting across America. Right. Almost sort of Friday night lights. Oh, so close to clicking it. I know we talked about it. I'm still finishing up man and high castle. It's kinda slow. Told you that was going to have kinda slow I'm into the idea it's on Amazon, but I can tell you as I was flying over here in Hawaii now with American idol for a few days, but I can tell you I watched the the new mission impossible movie on the airplane. I think it was that good. They got high reviews. No, I didn't the others pretty cheesy, but Ron tomatoes like super high. I started watching the new avengers are really liked it. But in finishing yet though the plane landed, but yeah. ABC Nicosia run the ending for me. Yeah. Sorry about. Yeah. So I watched that knowing what's going to happen at the end. But I do think it's called all the new characters come in. Like aunt may comes in like guardians of the galaxy. Come in a lot of pretty cool. So I was watching that. Watchman high castle. There is a another one that's about to watch about those three brothers three identical strangers. Yes, that's on the airplane. Have you seen that? Yes. I watched. It. I rented it on Amazon, and it's so crazy. They're gold triplets. Is it called three identical translators? Yes. Three identical strangers. And they were put up for adoption by their mom to agency, and they live together in a crib for like six months, and by the way, it's like a documentary right documentary. You're watching them way later in life, and they're sharing their story of how they were adopted by three different families. They were split up. And they never knew they had other siblings like twins triple they renew the have multiple brothers. And then like by chance they they found out when one of them went to college the same college as the other one. And so the two of them go to the same college, and they found happened. Yeah. So okay. This is crazy. So one of them goes to this college. And he decides he's not gonna come back next semester. Then the next one shows up that semester in some of the other ones friends are like dude you decided to come back. We're so happy to see. So glad you're came. And he's like he's like what are you talking about? Brand new like and they're like. Shut up stop it. And then they all their minds blown through. Like, you gotta meet our other, buddy..

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