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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Have to Jason. Them. All right. Thank you so much. We are going to go to Capitol Hill in just a second Jerry Nadler has brought William Bar in front of the House Committee. They're thinking about impeaching bar now. Bar Apparently has some explosive things. He's going to be He's going to be revealing here in just a few minutes or giving preview to will give you that and so much more this hour. Including something that has been entirely banned from the Internet. Everyone has taken down. We don't believe in the Suppression of Free Speech. So today we have everything that has been taken down, and we are putting it behind the pay wall so you you can see it for yourself, and you can decide about masks in hydroxy, chloroquine and everything else. We will get into that as well all this hour. We begin in sixty seconds. So Kurt Road. Any says I love. Shea secret I can shave quickly and easily with no cuts. I'm not gonNA use anything else ever again. shave. Secret is the best shave ever? It's an essential oil that comes in a very small bottle. Once you once you shave with it. You throw a couple of drops of shaving product on your on your hands. And Shave secret into a wet palm, and you massage it in your face. That's it shave away eliminates all the shaving him irritations in most people, it feels great on your skin. It smells amazing, and it will replace all of the ridiculous. Foams Gels, and the now with twelve blades. Any of that you need shave secret for the closest shave ever hundred percent natural easy to use compact great for travel, one hundred percent made in the USA, and it's backed by one hundred percent money-back guarantee, so don't miss out. Get it today. Shave secret available regionally at Heb, Wegmans Walmart, and Amazon,.

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