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Friday of that British flag oil tanker that we were just telling you about in the strait of Hormuz and oppressive heat wave is gripping much of the nation and they have the humidity to deal with two unlike us here we're gonna have more on that we're gonna take you to some places in three minutes at eight thirty eight right now it's eight thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives here's Tony Campos and realize let's check out the one O. one and it's been pretty quiet tonight and is still as in fact the only spot assign him saying on the mentor freeway is eastbound headed away from laurel canyon toward the one thirty four getting word now though of some debris and lands one one west right before white oak it's in the second lane from the left so be watching out for that if it's anything that has some substance to it of course these people run a break to get it removed get some road work going on on the one ten south so that is really a backing you up from the five to about stadium way southbound on the water one freeway gonna be slow from Santa Monica Boulevard that stays busy to downtown a ten east and Olympic getting reports of a crash at the center divider that's starting to slow things down to ten west at sunflower there's a tire in the number three lane just took a quick glance at that it's not really causing too much back up traffic is very light through that area so that is a good thing CH we had a there now to check it out in Santa Ana north bound five is a little bit slow coming away from the fifty five and if you're headed to the fair in Costa mesa going to encounter some traffic coming or the seventy three it stays busy affair drive next report at eight forty five AM tiny compass with more traffic reports are often can extend seventy newsradio high pressure to moving in tomorrow bringing heat with it it will get hotter as we go throughout the week few temperatures higher every day.

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