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Good Morning America. This is the catch roundtable. This is John Katzman. TV's at Sunday morning. You go to hospitals to get cured. But you don't always get cured you make Will this morning is Betsy McCoy. Betsy runs a foundation that studies infectious diseases and monitors hospitals Good Morning McCoy how are you. I'm fine but you yeah. No what's in the news now. John The reason that you and I are talking is that there have been major announcements this week about one of the most lethal pathogens. One one of the most lethal bugs ever had hospitals. It's called Candy. Oriss candy to US and It's so terrible that forty five percent of patients who contract it die within ninety days. Wow you're only going to get this bug in a hospital or nursing home. It's not something you'd encounter on the street or in an airplane. This is a healthcare associated infection. And it's probably the most lethal we've ever dealt with tip and I understand that if you're in a hospital that even if you just have your blood pressure taken you patch it well most of the people who get it are there for serious illnesses. They're in the ICU. They're on a ventilator there they have an IV they have a central line. They're having surgery. The fact is when you're in a hospital most of the time you are sick and you have these unnatural openings in your body that people out on the street don't have like an IV or a surgical incision central line or you're breathing with the help of a tube down your throat but nevertheless less you are subject to these infections and hospital. Infection is one of the biggest killers in the United States. You've got stroke. Heart Disease Disease.

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