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Greg it's an honor to have you on the show. . Welcome to dose of leadership. . Thank you. . It's an honor to be here. . I always love talking with CEOS I talked with one for a while and I'm curious about at electrical supply. . Can you just give me a quick synopsis of of what the Company does sure <hes>. . So we have a few different revenue streams and a few different markets that were involved with <hes> in Las Vegas Nevada, , which is where we kind of got are stark <hes>. . We primarily deal with the switch your market there <hes> we get involved with large commercial construction projects. . <hes>, , for example, , that t mobile arena, , anybody's into Las Vegas. . Over the last few years they know that they know they're in a so we did all the incoming switchgear for that <hes>. . We do <hes> the incoming power for <hes>, , the LAS, , Vegas Convention, , Center <hes> were we're currently working on the expansion for that although it's it's on hold right now but I'm eventually they'll release that and probably the most exciting project we have in the switch during their is <hes> the square gardens. Spear. . . In Las Vegas Yeah. . You guys. . Anybody's ever seen. . Pictures of that. . It's it's pretty phenomenal. . How does the world working on that? ? How does one get started in that? ? I mean I'm amazed by the type of businesses that are out there that are even know exist. . I mean how does one get started in being the provider of that? ? Sure. . So <hes> I started my career with. . Schneider Electric which was back then called Square DIJK and <hes>. . They're they're the switchgear manufacturer that we now representing Las Vegas. . So that was my that was my upbringing <hes>. . We became a square distributor in <hes> Las Vegas in two thousand eight. . and. . So <hes> with my knowledge of that business <hes> I just went after those types of projects and <hes> started hiring people that had expertise in those projects and then <hes>. . We just got a reputation for being really good at bidding and managing them, , and so the contractors in town <hes> like working with us because we. . Have, , that kind of expertise and so as these projects come up. . <hes> we bid them and <hes> because of our knowledge of of the products were able to see things on the specifications that <hes> gives us a competitive advantage, , and so we <hes> we use back to to get the lowest number possible and and thankfully we were successful on those. . So. . It's a whole process <hes> you had it. . It's years in the making yeah. . We'll going to say specialization and I wouldn't even think of even existed because I just like you said, , I don't have the knowledge for it, , and so it's always find it fascinating. . So how'd that lead? ? How did that? ? What was kind of the mindset or the process where he said you know what? ? I'm going to start this business in two thousand four like what what led to that. . So I was a sales person for several electrical distributors <hes> well, , I just going back out of the salesperson I nine electric, , and then eating <hes>, , and then I went over to the distribution side was doing sales for that. . and. . Then I worked my way up to management to where I was a sales manager, , and then I became vice president of sales for electrical distributor <hes> and then I. . Guess it was <hes> interestingly, , I had some some people that I've worked with that that I didn't think repair lead in a little bit frustrated with <hes> with with how I was treated. . You know in dot you know, , hey, , I could start a company and <hes> and do this better and I had several people that were my employees that came to me and said, , if you start your own company will come work for you. . Wow and so so I decided to take the leap and thought you know it's it's Kinda now or never if I'm going to do this as well might as well go. . So I, I , convinced them to work for straight commissioned. . Because at the time I didn't have any money to pay them as far as you know salaries and so they came on board for some pretty generous commissions and <hes>. . Just started growing from there. . I love that will <hes>. . Will you entrepreneurial before that or was this kind of an awakening to your? ? Can of untapped entrepreneurial. . I grew up the son of an accountant. . Anything entrepreneurial. . <hes>. . You know accountants <hes>. . Typically pretty conservative. . So I I grew up not taking a lot of risks but as I started <hes> increasing my knowledge in the industry and <hes>. . And became more confident in my abilities <hes> I decided that if I. . Was Half a successful salesperson earning my own company as I was working for somebody else. . Than I could I would be just fine <hes> because I think I'd be able to manage my expenses better and <hes> and and just you know build a business. . <hes> around the you know the revenue streams knew it could bring in. . And so I I felt confident enough the business plan was was going to be successful and so I just took the lead. .

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