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Just like John Wayne that I remember for the rest of my life. And this is one of the reasons I you see me in shows. I never say, no autograph. I never say no to pictures on his everybody spectral, but above all, I never say no to children because the effect you can have on a kit. Right. You want that to be the most positive confirming experience they can have when you had a chance to share your your presence with them. Right. I always believe we should be role models. We're out there. You know, we have to get back. Those two experiences that true effects on me true affects but John Wayne at Glen Campbell was behind him. No offense. John Wayne right now. Let me give you my other big idol. I wish you ask yourself at of all the film stars and stuff what one or two. Would you love to have dinner with to sit down and spend an evening with right? You know, a minus Errol Flynn, I read his biography. My wicked wicked ways I grew up watching all his movies. I frigging loved that. He was just such a star lovely was tough. And he would fight stuntman any stood up for himself. You know, just a New Zealand tough guy traveled the world just an adventurer just something about it, man. Just there's no Errol Flynn's today. You know, there's no John when he was today when I was growing up. I'm I'm sorry if I sound old fashioned finish some exceptional one night. What's that? A missing airing dinner as a kid and my hero. Crushed my hero. Who is I grew up in fucking immigrant fucking house. And we were immigrants that I made a big Diego mile. Let me not easy. I wanna watch Batman. She would straighten the face that man's a faggot. Am I believe talking about? She goes by Monico. I sent it. She's right at the wiz at Cape. And then she would sing me. The Batman song in Spanish, the Adam Adam west one guy back man fell. I met low Batman, and I would say stop it. Stop it. So my hero shit out the window, right? Know I went to I was raised. I was very fortunate ahead. Somebody like you my life. My dad died when I was three. But the guy who baptized me pick me up every Sally eighth street. Took me the forty second street to watch movies, and I only seen two kid movies, the love bug and love greatest athlete after that. It was all the Laci papers. He would just tell me not to tell my mother don't say none as back on the rating system. You know? No. That was there was no. There was no rail rating system back then was low with only pay it'll be. New York City in the seventies. You know? The only it's like you've. Member when midnight cowboy came out and was rated accent. Yeah. It was it was no member of the seventies. When you just go. Hey, my father sent me to the store he wants Bala, whiskey and a pack of cigarettes. Aren't they gave it their one day the father came in? And the guy goes your son keeps coming in for cigarettes. I don't smoke. Saying I don't drink a smoke. What the fuck eight talking about? And I would never want the different country different. Yeah. It was a very different country. So you went to if you went to a rate of X what your parents, forty seconds only. He come into the spread. And the kid wasn't gonna have a nightmare day commend, you know, my my big rated X story. Okay. Back and Rimmer Santa Monica boulevard, when they the okay, let's go back to boogie nights through you arrays all here now pretty much. No, no for Phillies old on I moved out here from Philadelphia when I was fifteen to Malibu, which was like culture shot Joey tremendous. It was culture. I never saw beautiful blond girls. Like that running shown she saw beach. I had not a beach in Philadelphia. Oh, no. Measles. So I didn't even notice that Delaware's number one and state for cancer. Sure. 'cause Philly and New Jersey pissing water and dump all this shit in its ends in Belva of Jesus whatever the fuck is Delaware that God you been out..

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