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Recommend one book and share why so sunday i i reds but re recently was a book called hooked by near il isi press they've but as basically it every goes into a why do you wanna go and score your facebook again and sometimes out beefs or be in a lift and i'll get instagram up but it's like white you have that kind of motivation to do that and often i found myself scrolling and i already know why and his book hoped dislike all about how these companies a lot manipulating you and it is crazy accident me crazy but it is just as just like all the way they managed efficiently three datum unhooked hooked on a few things round this like oh over this tab one more time i swear to death let's end today on fire with a parting piece of guidance the best way that we can connect with you and then we'll say goodbye forever twitter pete ramsey in a parting piece of guidance i ustr westbrook to carry look a notebook can i i've every day a tryon bright like an idea down and is not an idea in terms of to do with movable one carney turbe just like an idea for a potential new business i think i definitely got a lot better at like identifying unlike progress in these ideas and it just like any other scale like rodney by kohl lend by an instrument i think such a practice so my advice to be even if you're like in sight a business even if you're not ready to start your business yet all kind of progress with your thing just be ryan down i did and then.

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