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It's 5 51 Well the carnival freedom cruise ship returned to Miami today after some of the passengers on board tested positive Several of these scheduled stops on the cruiser were canceled as well passenger Terry Jacob says the ship's crew isolated the infected passengers and did maintain safety protocols We never saw anybody who was infected or knew who was on they kept everybody separate You have to wear your mask so a Roth and they did a great job for them They were faced with as well Passengers received an apologetic letter from the captain a $100 credit per room and a free game of bingo The Northern Virginia transportation authority is evaluating projects submitted for funding in June We have details on one request Prince William county is asking for $442 million from the Northern Virginia transportation authority for 8 road projects inside nova says the request is included in the latest update to the authorities 6 year funding program It reports the county is asking for money for two interchange projects and 6 road extension or widening projects a request twice as large as it made two years ago Prince William county's request is a long shot though as the authority says it doesn't have enough funds to provide all of the $1.2 billion in project money requested by 9 jurisdictions in Northern Virginia Sandy kozel TOP news And here's something divorce lawyers are predicting will come in the new year more people splitting up January is known as divorce month one of the busiest months for people to file for divorce However this coming January is different The pandemic is convincing more couples to take the plunge People are making those more radical decisions to end relationships that maybe wouldn't have happened pre-pandemic The force attorney darthy Walsh ripka thanks they expected surgeon divorces and upheaval in the job market are similar People pushing for happily ever after they would seek more fun and enjoyment and fulfillment in their life Stephen Kaufman CBS News Dallas buyers club director Jean Marc valli has died of 58 He won an Emmy for directing the hit HBO series big little lies His 2013 drama Dallas buyers club earned 6 Oscar nominations his representatives says he died suddenly in his cabin outside Quebec City Canada over the weekend We'll have your money news next It's 5 53 Need to hire quality candidates fast You need indeed Our video interview tool makes it easy and effortless to meet with candidates Visit indeed dot com slash credits You've.

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