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She has a reason to go. Hey i don't think. I need to pay fifty five dollars. Twenty six dollars where it is for me. It's just tough when you get that receipt and you start Drawing down all the price and then the math is complicated. That point would you do in this situation. Mean what would you do. I'm just paying for it to be. I am they right but i'm paying for trying to deal with the hassle. I don't hate her though. Not at all because you might need to but you still want to be a part of the celebration and you wanna be with your friends and you know. Hang out but you may not like you don't so why would you have to pay for everybody else's alcohol just said this happened at my bachelor dinner. Everybody's split equally. Even the guys who didn't drink. I was just about to say that because and there were some guys. There that ordered specialty drinks flake. The is issues aged bourbon. Or whatever like twenty dollars a drink. I remember that bones where you fired up. No i swallowed it. Why you're fired up on the inside. He was burning you. Well i noticed it on the inside you know. It's one of the things like oh boy. We're all splitting. This and i even split my meal with someone else. I didn't even have a full stake that night. Did you know going into it. Though that would be the case. Course you always. why why. Why would you split a steak with someone. If you if you know everybody's gonna pay for it. You buy the most expensive thing on the menu still cost you money. It's not as everybody does. That's terrible So do we feel like she's in the right. Just a universal yes or no she and the right for going. I'm not paying that one. Two three yes you say no no. I mean she. Can't this just split. It split guys. Don't make drama out of it. It's okay be dramatic but if you can't pay for someone comes out and says i'm not paying fifty five dollars dramatic tone. What if it's more so like. Oh hey guys. Like i'm i'm i'm actually able to pay for this amount and i didn't have alcohol. Hopefully that's cool four hundred bucks. But they should because they're the ones that drink so it might only be midsummer macy's has a back to school on their mind. And you know false going to be here before you know it. So start shopping. Now for all the essentials not only does macy's have all the clothing styles. You need like shirts denim shoes and more but you can also shop for backpacks lunchboxes and all the things that are going to need. Plus if you're heading off to college macy's also has tons of bedding sheets. Small appliances a coffeemaker maker is a must for dorm life by the way and all the rest of the things. You're going to need start shopping now so that you're all set come fall checkout macys dot com slash back to school. Hey this is ben here with an ad. Everyone's got a busy life and every day there are times that we could all use less stress and morphines as best fiends. The unpredictable five star rated hustle. Game that will keep you coming back for more download. Best fiends from the app store or google. Play for free and escape into a world of interesting puzzles that. Keep your brain challenged without stressing you out see. Best fiends is all about solving puzzles. That are fun once you start. Good luck stopping. You'll always find yourself making time to complete just one more level and man is best beans have a lot of levels over five thousand and there's something new every day or maybe you'll become obsessed with collecting all the characters. They're tons of those two. Which fiend will be your favourite. You want to collect. Every one of them joined the fun. Download the five star rated puzzle game best scenes on app store and google play for free. Today that's friends. Without the our best means the summer is going to be big now that everything's finally getting back to normal people beheading out for long overdue vacations and that means people. We play in like crazy. So best means is a five star rated puzzle game that is the perfect travel companion and you can download it for free from the app store or google play so you can take beans with you everywhere. Collect more of your favorite characters while you're waiting in line at them using apart or soak up a little more son as you try to defeat just one more challenging level by the way best beans has over five thousand level so the fun never stops everytime play. There's always something new to experience. Make the most of your summer downtime and spend some time with your favorite fiends download. Best fiends on the app store or google play. It's free to download app store. Google play for free today. That's friends without the are best beans prince about the best means. It's time for the good news. Which is already joanne from connecticut. She works at an elderly housing facility and she was going to a wedding in virginia for the weekend. So she has a dog named andy. I'm gonna take my dog and leave it with my parents for the weekend. I'm going to go to the wedding. Well somewhere on sunday morning. The dad's like let me put indian the backyard. Indy got out indies missing. Well people at the housing facility call joanne. They're like I think your dog. Indy is here at the housing facility. We'll turn the. Indy ran two miles to go to work because she thought joann was. That word that's crazy crazy. That's crazy now. The housing facility has named indeed the employee of the month for sprinting. Two miles to show up to work on sunday. That's good here's what i like about the indies safe. Here's what i don't like about that. The person who really deserve employee of the month didn't get it because the dog got. I think they're okay with it. You gotta get those apple tags put on your animals. Yeah you've been talking that way. You can always try them from your phone i. That's a good one. that's what it's all about. That was telling me something good. We spent a few days conducting this experiment where he's been driving around his jeep. What'd you ryan back. Eater jeep just married Then mommy and then my van. But there's a little palm tree there to show kind of like honeymoon. It was just too small to write all that stuff. So that's all it roy. Until i wrote we see people driving around all the time going. Hey have birthday. Here's my ben. Hey just got married. Not been mo- we wondered if anyone was actually sending people money. And what ben mo is just an app where you can pay powell. Yeah it's just like anything else but you can send money easy. How much money have you raised since last wednesday. What's wednesday thursday. Friday saturday sunday and monday five days and i've raise zero dollars. Wow absolutely nothing. I check it every single day and i'm thinking what i'm going to ask you right now officially. Can we end this experiment because one. It's a. It's embarrassing. That i have this written in the back of my jeep and no one is paying me any money and i think it's because a couple of reasons one. I look like i'm fifty. I don't think anyone buying the fact that i just got married right. Newly people in the car. I just eat them right down on the back of vehicle. I've seen people speed up to me. Look at me and then drive off okay. And the second reason. I just feel like they're not buying the story. I have a jeep. Can i make suggestion. What changed the story. New baby need but again you're old new baby. I don't feel bad for you. Do four and one of them is pretty new. so i'm thinking. The homeless approach of being honest bad week need a couple beers then. Mommy that's funny. Then it's like all right. I don't feel bad for this guy. It's funny alvin williams. Some money do that one for a couple of days badly. Needs some beers rough week by me. A beer then mo when it makes me laugh that i've seen before is a need fuel for my jet. But he's in a truck that makes no sense that the one that's been a bad week could use a couple beers then moment. Okay okay all right. Let's get my window. How do we.

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