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Mean these are things that you can wait and then they wait the answer is yes they could wait it's not like you're going to die if you don't change whatever this is i don't know why you would do it in prison and and cares right if they are going to let you do it while you're in prison than i guess they should probably allow you to go to the other prison too because why would they set you up to be at target or something different than the rest of the population if they are allowing you to have that surgery that doesn't make any sense whether you considered electoral fraud it's just odd to me that like there are so many trans people are people going through this experience who are not in jail who have not committed any crime scene being paid for for them in there so there are other anger is lagging late wire would we lawabiding citizen exactly so in that situation why would you pay for for someone who is not a lawabiding citizen yes hi i'm where i we're all in agreement on this one i mean i don't but you need it it's in the military thing was a different that's a different beast but um i mean the just to be in jail and say like i need i need transgender really matter dreaming that's i mean that's what i don't even understand like what basis do you even have legally like what's the legal precedent that even allows you to make that argument i don't even understand that i don't know is the i dunno at crime this person committed but are they like in jail for the rest of their life and so for some reason mauer's rock this chose rubber yet than it used to be that messages then why not commit a crime like that if you know and then get a significant surgeries are not cheap if you're going to get his nificant amount of eur surgery paid for why would but what state officials has anti israel hornish massachusetts of course you're walsall's state prison food that way to listen to the woman who's living in california love has its either tallow it's either california massachusetts i don't.

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