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The council for innovation promotion. Four 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks to Dave Dillard in the WTO traffic setting. Canal road and the chain bridge outbound traffic on the Clara Barton Parkway slow about half a mile beyond the Maryland line caller describing that crash in the set of outbound lanes blocking the left side of that pair of lanes. Volume delays downriver on three 95 and 6 95 between the 14th and 11th street bridges and outbound on two 95 leaving the 11th street and Douglas Burgess and on the beltway in Virginia from Springfield to the Woodrow Wilson bridge. It's a slow Friday on the outer loop. Another caller finding a crash near van dorn street for now blocking the right side, but pretty slow beyond that as well as it is on many other portions of four 95, 95 in Maryland and Virginia, getting wetter from south to north as Ian advances, and in Maryland on 50 eastbound at the bay bridge because of The Rain because of increasing winds, there's no chance for two way traffic. Eastbound drivers, you are heavy and slow from exit 23 parole, only two lanes open to eastbound drivers across the Chesapeake headlights are going on across the region. Don't miss the United States power bow show in downtown Annapolis, October 6th, through the 9th and soak in, the boating lifestyle tickets at Annapolis boat shows dot com. Dave old IW TOP traffic. To the weather, let's check in with Chad Merrill. Coastal flood advisories as well as wind advisories across the region, the wind advisory south and east of town, the moisture from Ian will bring steady rain this afternoon tonight, the heaviest rain will fall during the overnight period. We will also see a northeast breeze pick up temperatures will stay steady in the 50 years, steady light to moderate rain on Saturday or steady in the 50s, rain on Sunday and Monday and over time that will cause some flooding across the region late Sunday into Monday. I'm storm team fours, Chad Merrill. Well, we do have that rain moving up from the south, light as you're around Washington, but to hang in there. Because it's going to get a lot heavier as we go through the evening, particularly after 9 o'clock tonight. We are sitting at 61 in chantilly, 63

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