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Trash means mounting anger in New Orleans. Garbage and debris are piling up along many New Orleans streets almost three weeks after Hurricane Ida pounded southeast Louisiana. As residents react with increasing anger. Several residents told the City Council committee they haven't had their garbage collected since days before the storm hit. On August 29. Mary LaToya Cattrall's administration says much of the problem arises from labor shortages that have plagued the city for months, Exasperated by the Covid 19 pandemic and then the storm. Patrick Frost reporting the national average for a gallon of regular gas, increasing two cents this week. $3.19 a gallon. Tripoli says much of the rise due to the impact from hurricanes Ida and Nicholas on oil and refinery production. Approximately 30% of crude production in the Gulf of Mexico remains shuttered around the country. Highest price in California. 4 39 a gallon more stories at town hall dot com. Talk radio 6 80 WCBS pressure. Hold on for one more day under mostly clear sky Low Drop download sixties lots. Sunshine on Monday High round 80 degrees. Mostly cloudy low eighties on Tuesday, chance for shower to rain. A better bet on Wednesday with showers and storms are highs in the low eighties. I'm Todd Boren, the widow shell for talk radio since 80 Wcbm. The wcbm studios are sponsored by Safe Retirement Solutions. Call Rob Borowy for 10266. In 20 save for retirement solutions dot com. You've worked all your life and get a paycheck every two weeks. But now you're thinking about retiring and wondering, how is that going to work? Mike Canete, Ryan Herbert and the team at Pro Status Financial Advisors Group can show you by creating a custom retirement plan and show you how to create a guaranteed income stream for retirement, just like you were working. These are uncertain times. So imagine if you could retire comfortably and not have to worry.

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