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Break. I really love you the audience to play an active role in the show. So there's this team you'd like to seek over on the show or if there's a guest you'd like me to interview head over to Anchor Dot FM for slash proper beach and drop the voice message to be featured on a future episode on the upper poops website. You can also subscribe blind newsletter and get our resource shoots at the bottom of every page and you can also leave a complex. Welcome to part two of today's episode of Papa Peachy again we have Felicia here with us. She has a shared part one her story. Let's say in terms of her academic track and her passions and what drives what what she does today. She has mentioned what what she does today. But we haven't gone into deep into it yet so now Felicia I really like in the second part to really focus and and talk about what healthy brains healthy lives is. You already said how you kind of found In your position and you place is there but now yeah if you can Share a little bit about what the project is how was born. Maybe you can show uh on that and what it offers to to students in this case at McGill University so healthy brain healthy lives or HBO Chelsea will call it for short started in two thousand sixteen. It's an interdisciplinary brain health initiative that was born. When McGill was awarded a Canada I research excellence fund and that started in two thousand sixteen? And since then we've also gained support from the Quebec government as well so. HP has four main areas of focus. One is is a research S-. HBO Offers Grants for Pi's in four different research themes Neuro Informatics Neuro Degenerative Disease. He's brain plasticity and population science and brain health and are often focus on interdisciplinary. Were across the collaborations interuniversity diversity collaborations especially with Western University as they also have one of the Canada. I research excellence. Wind grits The second area which I work mostly mostly on is our talent area. We have fellowships for Grad students and post Docs as well as startup funding for new faculty and and we organized training programs for the students and post Docs so we have some offerings at our exclusive for students that we fund such as is our trainee committee. which is the student government including Grad students and post Docs at have received? Hbo Fellowships so I mentor them. And they organize their own academic doc events networking events make connections with industry and they have their own social media in other communications in addition to that we have workshops throughout the year So up to what. My main job is is organizing those sometimes. I'll teach them for example this year. We have a ten week introduction to coding in Python. We have a Individual Development Planning Workshop series our next event on January twenty Fourth Science Communication Day. And we're also starting hurting some entrepreneurship related programming. We have a wellness day coming up in February so much so much stuff going on a variety of different topics that Can help trainees excel in their research. And also in their future careers the super super cool and it's a lot of stuff and a Hitting all the markings of what I imagined. People need out there How how did you? How does each shell come up with a a kind of a plan? vision for the upcoming year Did you interview students in terms of their their pain points how do you how did you go and build this kind of very complex. Very complete set of tools. That true offering in training program has evolved over time It started when I first started with Idel and beginning of January two thousand eighteen gene so my first job was to do a needs assessment so I started off with a few pilot workshops just to see what the uptake would be. What's more popular than others? What form do people like and what? What's going to get people in the room at the same time? I did. A survey of neuro science students at McGill we had over a hundred students respond to our survey and we asked what their career interests are and in in some different skill areas ranking different topics that they would be more or less interested in so for example in communication. We would have a list of like public. Speaking academic non academic writing social media whole bunch of other stuff and they would rank them in order of what they would prefer. And then we also asked for preferences on programming styles. So would you prefer a workshop in the morning On campus at the Douglas so after analyzing those results I came up with with a few different areas of focus so they were mainly coating was huge. Because that's such an in demand skill the on the job market right now. Science communication exploring non-academic career options. So those are the top ones that tend to focus on. There is also also decent amount of interest in academic writing Wellness in Grad School. So I I have the three areas that are my top priority. But I'd touch on a whole pilot different things to And in addition to that I also looked at what programming already exists at McGill. Because I don't want to duplicate. So where's their opportunity for collaboration where their gaps whereas there something that already exists that I don't need to touch and also looking at examples In other universities across Ross North America for neuroscience or similar science fields. What have they done what was successful and taking all of that together built the first year of programming which was More single session based so come for two hours learn about public speaking and you can come again in two weeks and learn about elevator pitch and then next month it's going to be a career panel So that worked pretty well but I did find that the feedback we are consistently getting adding was these were great but I want more of them and I want to dive deeper into some of these topics so this year removing more towards longer programming so Like a ten week series for coding and a full day for science communication so they can come and really commit will more time and dive deeper super into some of these topics and do bring speakers and trainers from.

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