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Event in that was great and you know the tracks than men good the rain seems to be going into the ground i dunno where i ditches have been full around here and then the next day it's dry the phone i think one of the good things it's happened here is that you know dan speeds the new owner of miracle speedway is a former driver but he's had very little experience in operating speedway but you and and erica in the rest of the of the staff have really been there to give him a hand when he needs it and the they relied on you allotted no in this transition have yeah we try to help them along as much as we can of course howard schramm still maintain this track that's right up and everything and he's doing a good job he's really stepped up the plate easier seven days a week and peter thanks so much we'll see out there the brian stevens memorial on may twenty 22nd thanks so much for the time and we'll see in the pits okay epi talking to you mr small block himself areas beat mcneil remembering fellow driver champion brian stevens has miracle speedway in news talk six ten c katie coverage runs the brian stevens memorial monday may 22nd check the miracle website for details and join us there all right well the pit stop planes but up next our super race plenty novak trivia contest than the life and times of thomas michael curly with emmer and radio's dave moody lots to do so stay with us on the race line radio network lewis allenton you're listening to race line radio subscribe to a radio show said i tunes with your favorite catcher no medical exam or health questions will be asked sports fan on demand.

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