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And partly cloudy and breezy tomorrow with a slight chance of showers this evening i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening quite police have responded now to a leaked video of the january third officer evolved shooting outside of the west oakland bart station he cbs's megan goals be has the story in the video you can see two men struggling outside the west oakland bart station after gunshots were heard in an officer running up and shooting and killing twenty eight year old salim tyndall really but police chief carlos robot says that video was leaked after reviewing viewing with the opd and the family by felt it's very important not only for us to get our side of the story out but for the integrity of the ongoing investigations tindall's brother professional boxer karim mayfield tells kpix five he was the one that posted the video on facebook the officer he he did say but he gave him alltimes even require to what are you sir row as says there are several investigation is ongoing and he knows the footage will look different to everyone but he sees one thing overall as everybody's running into the station in a frenzy he's running towards with gunfire and what i call that his courage in oakland make an gold speak kcbs or police say a man was dragged off a train beaten and robbed of his iphone at the pulse street station in san francisco late yesterday morning according to police the four juvenile suspects than fled the scene police say the victim was not hurt and that the suspects remain at large to protest gun violence and show solidarity with their peers in florida students said high schools in alameda walked out of class today key cbs's gentlemen reports from one of the rallies what is bush shootings anymore make a rally on the lawn outside and so now high school drew about fifty students in solidarity with their peers in florida were turning their grief after their own school shooting into.

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