Al Pacino, Jess, Shakespeare discussed on Is It Transphobic Podcast


Actually got me to laugh just the way that i was delivered and also you were with al pacino weren't you again that was a carry line wasn't it gary stole this movie little six year old not six anymore he's had grown he's that poor thing so let's let's talk really quick about what an otter is right let's get on track with theory so what do you want to give a little bit of what all true is essentially like it's understanding the work of an author through their established cannon of work jess so like to understand shakespeare you use shakespeare's canon essentially to like describe his like artistic vision his style is you know elements of the film are elements of his work that remains consistent throughout like as creative work basically yeah and yeah so you can look at like lindsay ellis had a really good video about explaining alter theory and specifically breaking down michael bay's transformer movies through the lens of michael bay which i do recommend people go out and watch but adam sandler could be considered notre because the movies particularly the ones like this one through happy madison have a very consistent there's a lot of consistency whether it's a room the people that he works with whether it's from the way it's shot even just like the structure of it there's a lot that you can pull and so it's interesting that this one this piece did not work critically or as we're saying like from a from a comedic level now really didn't i mean gary was funny but yeah gary gary was great i hope that get hold that guy's doing well me too.

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