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But he often meet some notes about how this system it pulls everyone down You know this is. This is not to say that Mr Ford's being pulled down as equate to slavery. Of course not but that you know this. This system like the poverty cycle today or violence domestic violence. That's the way that it. Cyclically continued the ills of of this specific system of slavery. One thing as you're reading that that really struck me as interesting based on what you were talking about before is it. Sounds like Solomon was so not familiar with the intricacies of that system before he was kidnapped. But then just how much this experience I mean. It's in the title of the movie. You know twelve years. He learned so much about that and the way he was able to put the readers or viewers of of the movie telling his story into his own shoes. That's very telling of the type of person that he was. Yeah now he is generally one of my heroes yeah. I think it's a shame that we haven't made a bigger point of telling his story. Traditionally you know in it among the heroes in legends of of the United States. And I'm sure that's born partly out of wouldn't acknowledge such a an incredible human being who was a slave. You're also bringing up the shame. That's felt of slavery. Yeah you can't have one without the other right by. I just think Solomon should absolutely be loud and celebrated. I'll also add that when we get to scenes with With tibbets it's Mr Ford who who saves Solomon's live always goes to bat for him. He stands up for him unlike. Say Frederick Douglass is experience where the more levelheaded masters in his life. Have no problem saying well. Yeah it's really too bad that the skies being really violent towards you but all lose money so you need to go back to work. Mr Ford is always ready to stand up for him. He tells Mr Tibbets that he does not sell Psalm and get him out of his ownership. Which that's kind of gloss over in the movie but Tibbets has purchased Solomon from Mr Ford by on a mortgaging basis. So that's where Mr Ford still has a vested interest in him. And he's able to protect him but MR foretells tip it's at one point. After some of their fights you are going to either rent him out where you will sell annual somehow get him out of your life or I will make sure he's out of your life. You're not going to kill this man. You're not going to keep beating on him. This is not not acceptable. He also is never told. This happens in the movie. Solomon Tells Mr Ford that he's actually Freeman and the way that than it had. Cumberbatch does He's phenomenal actor does a great job with the role. But you know a Mr for tennis links back from this like oh. I can't hear these things sort of you know. Don't don't make my world morally complicated. Ford was never informed of this so that was just a fabrication flat out so again the essence of the film capturing the depravities of slavery great perhaps in that process though Mr definitely did not get a fair shake. I want to touch on that one character that you talked about tibbets because there's a moment in the movie where. Tibbets actually hangs Solomon in retaliation for Solomon standing up to him. And then we see Mr Ford step in or actually I think it's Mr Ford overseer first step in now believe Chaplin Yeah. He's he steps in but then he stops the hanging but then he just leaves Solomon to hang there while he goes to get Mr Ford. We don't really see exactly how much time passes. But you get the sense that it was daytime and then it starts to get hymie dusk by the time Mr Ford gets there. He comes cuts down. The Rope Saves Solomon but then he tells Salomon tibbets is going to. He's going to keep coming. He's not going to stop. So what Mr Ford ends up doing. In the movie is an attempt to save salmon's life. He sells salomon to another plantation. And that is where we I see Michael Fast benders character Edwin APPs so I have to ask did. Solomon nearly die by hanging. What can I assume was hours in the movie shows and then it was at the reason why Solomon was sold from Mr Ford to Mr APPs. So first off. He is laughed hanging out. What isn't readily apparent in the book? And so I'm I'm inclined to think that this is probably a little bit of liberty and the depiction. I do not recall him being tiptoed. Don't get me wrong. Terrible way. Spend a day right and and he mentions mentions that that doesn't do justice. Solomon is absolutely being tortured. In this moment it's awful. He's left height of all day. Long is Ford who comes and cuts down. He doesn't even know himself why he was left in that position. He speculates that the overseer he he says he's not sure why. Chapin left him up which is guy just lacking in moral courage. That's one of the things a Salman speculates on a just a coward. Not Willing to undo tibbets had done in other thought that Salman entertains is that perhaps Chapin wanted to ensure that Ford saw just what Tibbets had done to to Solomon Though for Solomon makes pretty clear I really would rather have been cut down than been left in this position for an entire day suffering but that did happen and outfight again. This is another truncated thing. It really synthesized a number of conflicts that there are at least two conflicts took place over the course of a month. One of which solvent really just wants on haunted. He wins the fight. It's just cheered for misery. Does autobiography right and he doesn't want to do this. But you know at some point this human being right. He's got a defend himself he can't you can't just let. Tippett's literally kill him. Which is what he feared would happen. So he finally fought back choked tibbets until he he passed out and then Solomon ran for the swamp fearing for his life and was greatly relieved when from a distance he saw Tippett's regained consciousness in walked to the house because at least then he knew he wasn't going to be charged with having killed a white man. So you know things kind of die down after that and then we have another fight is these things are going on when Mr Ford. A to get to the second part of your question with Mr Ford Continuing to protect Solomon says Tippett's. It's clear that you hate him. I'm not GonNa let you kill this man. I'm not GonNa let you harm this man. It you have got to divest herself of you're young. You're economic stake. Where he like. We do with houses today. We had a mortgage on Solomon. So yes he gets sold because typically is going to kill him if he doesn't sell empathy inaccurate thing. Perhaps as I as I recall in the film I don't think it really got into the nitty gritty of this shared interest. Where tibbets is the owner. You know buying by just just like someone with a house to return my mortgage example right like it's shirts your house. You call it your your house but really the bank owns it and if you fail to make payments as the house will get repossessed right. So that's the the financial relationship here so tibbets APP per the instructions of Mr Ford sells off Solomon to APPs and since APPs as as I recall at least Did Not need to have a mortgage the purchases full and complete and at this point. Mr Ford is no longer in the picture. Okay so just to feed that back. Make sure I understand that example there would was Mr Tibbets the bank in that example. Or was he the before the bank and not example. Okay so he would have essentially held the mortgage than tibbets. She'll be paying on. Yeah so tibbets Activities would be like the middle class person looking to buy a house and I think that's a pretty fair comparison. Most slave owners only owned a a very few slaves. Would you picture this to go? Super Stereotypical right like this gone with the wind. Massive plantations sort of thing. That's a very small minority of the population in the south under the economic system. We have a terrible spread of wealth. It's highly concentrated in a very small upper class and then you get to planters who own. The vast majority of slave owners have less than twenty slaves. And of course you get to to poor whites who ono sleighs. By the time we get to the civil war as things continue to spread in terms of the inequality continued to spread. You have a very small minority of really massive plantations compared to those who own just a handful so Tippett's would be more like a an upcoming type. Who's trying to acquire slices trying to build up a big plantation okay? That's a good explanation because I don't feel the movie really explained that side of it very much. It whisked over a lot of that. These two people are fighting against each other. And then all of a sudden Mr out of the picture which you know to be fair it hits a Hollywood film and they're trying to entertain people's much. Tell a story right I. Most people are interested in taking a forty minute aside to explain the intricacies of the southern economy for triple war. So I mean either loved it but yeah it goes back to the Historian. Side exactly Speaking of Mr Apps the first that we see Edwin APPS. That's Michael fasteners character. He's reading to the slave from the Christian Bible which I find very ironic now as EPPs explains it. The Bible is saying that if the slaves don't obey their master then they'll be beaten with a great many lashes. Needless off forty hundred hundred fifty lashes. The movie doesn't really say what scripture it is but I jotted down and looked it up. It's Luke chapter twelve verse forty seven and it really is part of the Bible that he's reading from the quote that he's using in the movie comes from something that Jesus himself was saying as he's talking to his disciples so I'm curious scripture used as a part of the excuse for slavery by people like APPs who at least in the movie they claim to be a godly man. Despite doing these horrible horrible things one hundred percent yes in fact that specific verse Sullivan Does Mention. It in his autobiography now. I don't believe APPS was the one reading from it when he cited it when Solomon cited it but the fact that Solomon would point to it. It just tells me that he probably heard it. Far More than on one occasion is twelve years living life and slaved..

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