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Australia's coming out of their winter and they've had the lightest flu season yet. How he says it could be because following the same safety guidelines to keep covert at bay also prevents the spreading of the common flow, he says. The best time to get a flu shot is in October to provide maximum protection during the winter minds That was John Jeffries reporting a self proclaimed anarchist won the GOP primary for Cheshire County, New Hampshire's top law official in last week's election. W busy Sherry Small has details some voters in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, just finding out now that the candidate On the GOP primary for sheriff is the founder of a Satanic Church and an anarchist who is against police. Aria Dimas owes campaign slogan clearly intending to denigrate police containing a four letter expletive. Cheshire County Republican Committee chair Maryland Houston. Everyone's uphold their disgusted It's on their yard signs. It's on social media. It's a very violent message, Dumiso switched parties from Libertarian to Republican and ran unopposed she took in about Or 1000 votes. Just think when you got a county election, people don't know who they're voting for. And I just say, please know who you're casting your vote for Kerry. Small W. B Z, Boston's news radio and a Meso has not responded to our requests for a common It's 9 33 time for traffic and weather together, starting with the Subaru retailers in New England. All we'll drive traffic on the threes with Steve Perez. How we Looking out there, Steve, we have a pair of crashes south of the city for 95 North bound. It's a single car into the woods. The right lane has taken that's right by route. 1 40 24 north clothes for a right Elaine car fire in Brockton after exit 18 Expressway in good shape through three South moving slowly. Password cruise a Derby street. You're backed up about a mile there. 95 South. You're crawling to the Rhode Island line. Work crews by Route one in South Attleboro. No trouble getting on or off the cape at this hour. North of the city. For 95 south, moving slowly with work crews by Boston Road in Westford, all the wayto 1 19 route 1 28 93 wide open out west on the pipe. The eastbound side is flowing freely westbound. You're going to slow down for a double lane closure Newton Corner route 16 and on route to delays both ways between Shirley Road and Jackson, Rodent, Devon's and again westbound and limits, thereby route 12. Downtown things we're good. For now. The deck to connect with the Tobin are all looking good river roads and airport tunnels. No trouble. Steve Perez W B C 24 Hour traffic network. And.

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