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No twenty seven nine nine nothing. Yeah. Terrible. I actually think Minnesota's got a shot. I just do you. Yes. Yes. I don't know. I'm again, I'm not a I'm not all in on Kirk cousins. I know I am not. I do I think he's the greatest quarterback ever know. But he has he's got he's got a freak behind him. He's got to freaks out lied. And I think the defense though, it hasn't been as good as it was supposed to be. It's it's it's gotten better now that they found they found some balance offense because that was the thing that they thought hey, you know, what let's just upgrade the quarterback position defense. Right. And we will be even better than they were a year ago. That's what they thought. But the defense didn't play as well. And they lost some game. They probably shouldn't have how crazy is that? People think people would say Kirk cousins is not having a good year right now. He's the numbers of there. Right. He's got forty one hundred sixty six yards with a game to go. He's completing seventy percent of his passes. It just doesn't feel nine touchdowns ten or sections. It doesn't feel like it'll get doesn't feel like seventy five million. What what did they give them that guaranteed? That's what it doesn't feel like people look at the number and they look at Kirk cousins. Right. But here's the problem. You couldn't get him for a penny less because the jets actually offered him more. And if you didn't get him what was your options. So I understand your options keenum. Leverage. And he and he used it this. It's more about business and and the market than it is about how how good he acts. What people do look at your salary, and they determine whether or not I do this all the time my show, do you? Remember, you still get the Sunday paper, you're still paper guy. No. But I looked once in a while. Okay. So, but you have gotten hurts me as a former right has former exactly and a guy who grew up in newspapers. That's all. So when you get a Sunday paper back when you got a Senate. Yes. Wasn't that long? You know, they had a little parade magazine us and once a year. What was what was the one that you all that people always the athlete? No, okay. How much does somebody may? Yes. That was like, oh, wait a postal worker makes seventy five s in Peoria would overtop. Yeah. That's a great gig. Right. It's a great gig you walk. You know, you just got worry about dogs. I loved all you gotta do is worry about dogs. That is the only downside. So the so the the the what happens when you read that magazine, it was what happens with Kirk cousins, you may complete judgment about a human being based upon how much they're making. I totally agree. And we judge Kurt about that issue. It used to be I had a I had a car ride once with Dave revson, worship the big ten network. Two games. Together. We did the. What's the what's the league called shoot Lee? Highs in man, we did the league championship. All right. Patriot league championship. And we did in Bethlehem Pennsylvania was Lee high against I'm going to say Lafayette. Liam ends up winning. Billy Taylor was the coach for Notre Dame player. And we decided it didn't make sense to drive to Philadelphia. It's like an hour. Get there an hour early then flied, Hartford and then drive home. Like, let's just get in the car and drive home and drive straight to Hartford. Yeah. So and it was like a four hour four and a half hour drive. So I pick up a newspaper it's like on a Sunday and thumb through it and the parade magazine, and I'm telling you it took about two hours of our drive where I would ask him I paint the picture of what somebody somebody does for a living. How much right how much they make Lawson and that was two and a half hours eight up here for much pretty much draw. So he was driving. He was driving. I was right..

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