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Will pass on the on base percentage in the chance to get on the chance to stay at the plate infrastructure the count nothing into now faces of the two down I feel like if this were earlier in the evening if we did have a two and a half hour rain delay you have more benefits hello this baby sure is there and it is is for three browse at one back seven season a guy lead the Phillies and hitting twenty sixteen to twenty seventeen been in and out of the top spot in the batting order for the Phillies ki K. Hernandez playing the deep second base way out in the outfield grass fast bowlers upstairs one ball two strikes is your bios miss with ninety six we got at the in the old old boy shot a sixty one of the courses a teenager I really haven't thought about it he kind of what I figured but perhaps pick we're gonna miss fifty thank you gonna delay delay delay you get at the end I guess at the end of seven innings of play to Dodgers for Phillies to assist Major League Baseball early mornings right I apologize for my behavior in this Walmart because Rebekah commercial because I just got my groceries and I'm hungry when you pick up groceries this crash you just going to eat the meringue and I don't have time to shop in store so I ordered online when it was convenient and then used three curbside pickup to get these baby carrots brought to me without even leaving my car no extra charge.

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