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Kerry institute of ecosystem studies federica the federico's second uninvolved study says the kapala her colleagues used environmentally relevant concentrations of cocaine and their research which that was the part that i was curious about like it's got to be such a trace amount like i get that there can be affects to there physiology but like are they really acting that hyper act there's no way they're actually acting high right did they try out the trucks as well well they did say that they've studied the effects of antidepressants including prozac and fettah means on aquatic ecosystems finally changed or algebra communities in water and can affect the growth rates in life cycles of insects so according to caputo drugs like cocaine only part of the problem these waters also contained residues from other drugs heavy metals antibiotics and pesticides so we're just fucking everything basically well i don't know how any of these drugs get in the water supplies to i know that movie trope of somebody's gonna catch us with cocaine flushing the toilet is that it does that how we could question i don't i don't know co kids but i know that they're not wasteful people wait a second is i assumed it's waste and your that's what i assumed it's maybe some metabolize version but i'm sure it's as paws through and yet you'll pissing it out there also because they treat the wall to full certain contaminants but they don't treat the wall to for that kind of stuff but i wonder how i mean not to get too you know people who are up for drug or hurt for drug and if there was still i just thought like by the process of metabolising it you take away you getting high from it removes that highness inducing this of the cocaine or something and if that's the case why wouldn't somebody find a way to get it back out of their waste because drug is still valuable gross but like hang on who was it is a portland comic who just told a story on this is happening it was meth no coat but she was telling us it's probably just a read yeah they she host story was about she's admitted to having she had a problem and it was about like sista finding trying to like save a piss to drink it to recirculating she okay and has system well if we have any chemists listening i'm curious if if if it's one hundred percent retained if that if the part of go some pharmacists i could us into the show there's no way you don't in the course of getting high remove it's i don't know where to looking for its potent sway elephant elephant whatever does i'm not actually sure because i think in some cases some drugs sort of need to metabolize in the system and that's how they then have an effect but others just sit in your buddy for a while and they haven't affect and then they get and they then they get out i'm not sure i'm this is so fall out of my wrote can you comes on hangover p like no i don't think 'cause out called does get metabolize because that should one of unaccounted member again this is bad science memory whether as aldehydes is either now the hydra kito carbon which of the two it is but that's what you smell and people's breath you don't smell the alcohol it's a byproduct of its again metabolize and again please correct me on this i'm sure i'm sure i'm getting it wrong because this is very ugly very tenuously remembered a level chemistry from two decades ago i mean i really really hope the overall answer is you cannot human centipede a drug and just keep putting it into yourself that cic awful at i hope it's not real hoping because everyone is human sent to being very rare and expensive drug well that also would have like ken can you fail a drug test someone else's like if some if someone else's.

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