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Push yourself keep yourself going again you know. I told my kids. I was going to do it so i better do it. that was a big motivator for me and also really involving my daughter's entire class in it and it was so cute them. You know all cheering and really makes you just like when you're running a race rate and your year like at your moment where you feel like i just can't do it. I'm just gonna stop and then people start cheering and all sudden you get it right back right and then you're able to move forward so it's that kind of thing where you know i could think to myself like i can hear them supporting me. And i think that is such a powerful thing and also. I'm part of this team. So if i stop what happens to the rest of the team and i want to make sure that i'm doing the best job i can to move forward for everybody else around me They're definitely moments. The hardest thing i think was you know at night when it was cold and you had to get up and go to the bathroom. You'd have to like psych yourself up. Just get just to get out of the tent. You know near like i can do this. I can do this. I can do this. And then i'll do a countdown run and things that you don't think about those things. Yeah we'll definitely so so now now that we transition you you you take on this great journey you you've raising six kids you come back home and now we start to or few years later. We start to write the book. When when did that come about in. Was that always a goal. Or what kinda helping. Spires the book come to to fruition. Yeah i it it actually. What was not a goal so when we talk about asking my family what. They thought about me climbing kilimanjaro. That they were kinda like Yeah okay okay. When but when we talk about writing the book they were like. You're going to write a book so so That was kind of funny but they i. I started in a national leadership position. And through that position i had Quite a few speaking engagements and that kind of really inspired me to continue sharing my stories and to feel the power of you know really being open and honest and sharing the good the bad the funny the sad all of it not just my shiny moments rate like the things that i struggle with says as well and how how impactful that is because You know it helps people again going back to that. You're not alone But yeah so. That was really kind of the beginning of it. I would share my story and people say you should write a book. And i'm like no i'm not gonna read a book but thank you I'll come speak for you. But i'm not reading a book and then i finally you know people say it enough times you know you start thinking about it and they can okay. How many more people could i reach with my message or you know. How do i you know. What is this going to be the right thing and to me it was. I felt like putting my stories down on paper for people to read and something for my children to have later as well And and it was definitely the right choice again a moment in time. That brought me to where i am today..

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