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Hi. I'm Tom Lorenzo. And we host the pops eye-opening fat. That's right as authors and critics we love dishing out our fabulous commentary. And now, we're bringing it to the podcast were we're rendering judgment on the world's up celebrity, pop, culture and fashion reviewing everything from the red carpet to the roadway to film and TV shows and pretty much anything else. That catches our eye or Piques our interest, so strap yourselves in for some hardcore opinionated, darlings popstar opinion pads. Subscribe now on apple podcasts radio dot com or wherever you get your shows. Artist spotlight series, featuring Lord. It's crammed full of Nema reason sounds and and I I have since Asia, which is win me a music is super visual. It can be colors and textures and this songs just like this stuff's kind of experience or much to it. But yeah, I mean, I I. Hello heartbreak is fine. Totally fine. It's it's hot break. A big thing. You know, I went from being sixteen and being like. I'm never gonna write about that. That's kind of you know, you go through it. And it's such a colorful and tints staying in family self changing as came out of that. And I was like all of a sudden different person. It's amazing, and they have to write about this crazy thing and again, so that's kind of the song. Do one thing to protect the environment. Here's Ann Marie with her one thing. One thing I do is let the cleaner coming every day. Yeah. I also..

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