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Classroom. Instead, they wasted time and money, renaming schools well, caving to special interests. Your family deserves better on Pete Snyder, and that's why I'm running for governor. I'm a businessman and a disrupter, not a politician, and I'll bring something new to Richmond. Strong, decisive leadership on Pete Snyder, candidate for governor, and I paid for unauthorized the said our fears of a stock market downturn preventing you from investing. Hi, I'm Rick Adelman. You know you need to invest to get better returns. But you're worried about losing a lot of money if stocks fall. Well, I have the answer for you. Introducing downside Defender. This new service lets you own a diversified portfolio, but it lets you tell us a target value. But you don't want your portfolio to go below If the account value drops will reduce your stock allocation to help prevent your portfolio from falling below the target. You said then, as markets improve. We build the portfolios allocation back up down side defender isn't market timing. It's a smart way to defend your future. Talk with one of my colleagues here, it Everman financial engines so we can help you decide if downside defender is right for you. For now, there's limited availability for downside. Defender so call Male Triple eight planned, Rick That's Triple Eight Plan Rick or visit us at Ric Edelman dot com. That's rice Delmon comedies They can operate pretty much as they choose. Protect your personal data from Big tech with the VP, and I trust for my online Protection Express VPN When I use Express VPN, my connection gets rerouted through their secure encrypted servers. So these companies can't see my I P address at all The Internet activity becomes anonymous on my network data is encrypted. I recommend express feet. Piento. Anyone who uses the Internet so.

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