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The state capital sacramento we'll also be having a little soiree so i hope to see all you there dave is in irvington new jersey dave you're on the larry elder show hey larry great to speak to you i'm excited because these days from now is opening day for baseball the baltimore orioles you had a good year last year yeah we did we did we kind of ran steam you know after the all star break 'cause the pitching went south we had a prison years dave let's see how good you are on your baltimore orioles trivial trivia seventy three they had a year where they had four twenty game winners named the four twenty game winners pat dobson correct jim palmer correct dave now and mike wear on real i've asked that question in bars day for almost thirty years and two people have gotten it right now dave both of us are so so that might have accounted for it but very well done my friend you know i was listening to listening to the expert that you played yesterday from from elizabeth warren grilling of the great dr ben carson right and it was very instructive my brother you know a couple of things ran across in my mind if elizabeth warren had been a conservative republican and dr ben carson had been an all left and and you know the usual stuff takes the usual raised in was all were always claiming to speak for all black people they'd have been out of four comparing a elizabeth warren who margaret sanger the white supremacist to formed a planned parenthood absolutely i one hundred percent agree with you they would have been marching on washington they wouldn't talking about how poorly treated this poor ben carson was if he were a leftwing democrat given the browbeating that elizabeth warren laid on him did notice anything sort of ethnic about his attitude and answer your questions something that rattled him he seemed disturbed that was you asking him the questions did you sense anything there and you said at that hearing quote i will follow the law i remember hoping that that was true.

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