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Right because it's one thing for you to say one word that tries to recaps elites what language are whether community communities all about so here we have a few words about gophers are in a corresponding wars about what gophers a nas for example i'm just i want to go through the lists for people who are looking at this gophers akron size for some narrow bows gentleman nadu bia's friendly not exclusive direct none big you' thoughtful now reactive humble not hottie hottie sahar you said that what so i really like that the effort was made to describe gophers not it's really helpful in is really helpful too when you are thinking of how to behave in the community right what is acceptable or how to write codes what is good idioms thinking about these things it's a helps especially thank you i think especially with the growth that were going through we can't expect our culture to to spread through all of this growth unless we codify and we try and try and lead with with the so that's a bunch of this around like what we need a single place as reference the entire global community you know whether you're from australia or your from singapore you're from china or your from brazil or your from seattle or or anywhere where you can have a single document that really reinforced what it meant to be part of go in and that was our our goal of what we tried to do here i think brennan was probably the extremely tough exercise and you know the fact that y'all started with words and an interviews is a testament to the you know the faithfulness to describe exactly what go is but then also with the you know a programmer using go may or may not be like because a lot of branding is not really at all the visual part of it while you know maybe some of the backlash or some of the surprise from the.

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