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But man, he's he's gonna just continue to get better as body. He played it about two fifteen this year. And I you know, and as opposed to show on his freshman year he played about right at one nine nine two. Two hundred and left here about two fifteen or so, and I I think I think Trevor leave here, you know, to thirty plus, and he's very athletic. I mean the last drive of the game. The other night is the longest driving Clemson football history. We had the ball ten minutes and two seconds in the game. We got the ball and a half inch line and kept it for ten minutes and two seconds and took a knee in a big reason for that was was Trevor, you know, he made a couple of runs, and you know, there's a lot of people don't really see him in that. Right. But man that guy could move and he can make plays with his legs when he needs to. And you saw that on that last drive. You had a couple of huge first downs that allowed us to to, you know, take take all the time off the clock there in the fourth quarter. So he's he's special and I can't wait to to get back on the field this spring. We've got most everybody back on offense and roll lose Renfro. He Charlie out of here. But it'll be a good starting point to have. He and chase Bryce who. Also got some great experience this year getting out there on that field. I got two Trevor Lawrence eight the only special one this kid Justin Ross is something special. And he is a guy that starred as a prep player in Alabama. And you got him to come from Alabama to Clemson. And that leads me to a bigger question that I wanted to ask you ask you about, you know, being Winston Salem state going to school there right down right up the road from from from Clemson and South Carolina. I'm familiar with that area. And I never in. My wildest dreams believed that Clemson would be sitting in this position right now where it's not about just a national championship. What I took from Justin Ross. And when he was spoken to and what he spoke about this prior to the national championship game. They asked him why he wanted to come to Clinton and he talked about the family conduct atmosphere. The fun loving coach and a program that he plays for and he talks about having a good time. Nick save. In this phenomenal is one of the all time greats in some people's is the all time great, we get that. And there's nothing to dismiss Pupo about the Alabama crimson tide. But when you look at clemson's program, I think the biggest thing is that a guy like Justin Ross left Alabama to comment play for your program. What do you think that says not just about you? But what's going on at Clemson? Because you've got a lot of kids out there that are looking at Clemson differently. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, we think we guys this this year this classroom. I think fourteen different states. So I mean, we we've gone to Pennsylvania and got the top player in the state. We got the top receiver out of California this year a God of the top receiver out of Florida. Frank lanston. I mean, we'd gone all over and but getting Justin Ross last year was was huge for us. I mean Trevor lords last year out of Georgia number one player in the country. So, you know, we we we. Recruit guys that we think, you know, fit our culture, and and we're transparent because I go to know what they're getting into when they come in here. What the expect -tations aren't. It's just really cool to see young people that are just great great football players and Holly, recruit and all that. But yet they still they they walk family..

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