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First of all the ruin the most interesting is opposite often attracts what they found was people who were tight wads were often attracted to the spenders and vice versa especially if they were not satisfied with their own attitudes so let's say you were a spender but you knew that you probably are spending too much you are more likely to be attracted to someone who is a tightwad and vice versa the problem is though you might be attracted to each other once you get married that can be a problem so the the greater the distance on that spectrum of tightwad spender the greater chance that you're gonna argue about money and they're going to be problems down the road and there was also another study that analyzed people's basically there materialistic tendencies and found that people who score higher on this score of materialism chances are they're going to be less happy being married i tidbit neither i never five serve it's not about money it's about i don't agree with us uh i don't want to say sex on our show 'cause i don't think we've ever said that word on our show you said sexy earlier in the show cumulated let's like different than saying new sucks but i thought what is it just say what the answer is it is the byproduct of sex okay may get worse at least according to lonsdale heads kids kids so this is one of the studies that.

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