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He can sign unlimited possibilities await he plans to stable he could send dot com let's go to mike in east rockaway mike i you showdown show you know it's funny to jada a couple of hours ago got up early and yeah me laughing and and and call us mentioned dr j i saw so many games at the coliseum when i was a kid rick barry dr j john williamson pistol pete marriage red white and blue ball off the charts and i had the same reaction you read tony when i found out that way bo got rid of dr j my reaction was what okay got mcginnis all right this is no not even close and you know i think dr j i couldn't on your show a couple of years ago dr j and the next with the reason why the aba merge with the nba because what they did with the red white and blue ball and you know and moving over to to to the mets a long time that you positive sense you know murphy's whatever can go wrong will go wrong listening to the game on the radio last night really pitching the bags loaded bases loaded oh to count wasted pitch and say to myself and you just you know little high over the center of the plate and boom the way it was described that radio i said that's it they're finished press conference games you know middle we're in the middle really middle of what of middle of the of the middle of the lake but now maybe the will parts can make arrangements russ fans that go to the stadium maybe they can give us you know a coupon for shake shock cream cones you pay you pay half an ice cream cone that'd be the crowd back all right always good listening and talking all right man yeah that's what you'll give some some how about you know lower the prices of the tickets is he can't do that if guys really paid for the not gonna write you a check and send you might well maybe you know your season ticket holder like hey we're gonna take something off of of your next bill well you know i it's got to come up with something because it's going to be it's they need somebody who can put the right pieces in keep this guy get rid of that guy stopped bringing up old guys who look teeth they hit a home run that means he's probably good for another month here let's go to joe in new rochelle joe you're on the fan hey up this morning has sure what's going on i'm not that i love last night with the coq ten by committee and i would do this in game seven of a playoff against an ace it just put so much pressure on the team i think it's a olympic idea the other thing i think that's going to happen more and more often because the other thing is always talk about guys average like what what's the pictures of what's his era in the first time through the through the lineup and then the second time it goes a little higher so you change that by just putting up a picture and for a couple of innings but meanwhile the guys in the dugout a guys are facing him there's no reference point i guy got up and he to me a curve ball.

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