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Why she defrauded her investors she defrauded a walgreens yes she defrauded the united states military she defrauded the fda i'm sorry what's the regulatory agency for drugs of the food drug administration yeah fda she defrauded them she lied in her commercial claims about this she did not report eroneous drug test results to patients you go through this list in honestly like you're saying each on giving like a the nice no i mean it just just as far as i've gotten i mean i've known that i know the basics of the story and if you haven't gotten through everything no i mean she's she's terrible and you know it it's interesting because from what i've read the book so far what's amazing about john kerry rudas that he could have been he's letting the fact speak for themselves there are a lot of things in her personal life and in her family background that could be used and you could maybe draw conclusions about some of the behaviors that she's taken on her father for instance wasn't executive at enron that was one of the things they did when they weren't houston i think that gets one mention in the book i don't remember being mentioned it i is it yeah it's one thing at one point cook and i have to give him with tremendous credit for like not machine out enough because if it were me it'd be very hard for me not to draw at least in a paragraph some sort of you know connection between the type of fraud that you saw enron and the type of fraud that it is clear from his reporting that she that the coming in it's she oversaw and that she was directly responsible for commit it honestly like when we first started i remember even saying this when when we first talked about their nose in october of two thousand fifteen on our show i said the smells a lot like enron and it was until we talked about it the second time that i realized that that that came out that her father had actually been in enron exac again like that's not proof of anything you shouldn't judge someone based on their fathers i personally think that that's interesting like the back that that is that his reporting is much better than mine would have been because.

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