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Weather. Tom Terry watching a powerful storm system, slowly inching towards central Florida, and the rain and storms along it coming up and slowly would be the word. We are down sixty seven in Orlando sixty four in Avalon park tonight. I'm Tony Marino. Monitoring the news ninety six point five WDBO interactive rate. Are we are seeing some more rain now moving in Seminole county, Orange County and Osceola county, but the the heavy showers. The heavy rain and severe storm. Steps threat is still a pretty good ways away chief meteorologist, Tom Terry monitoring it along with us as well our stormcenter staffed and ready to go should the conditions become severe during the overnight. We will keep you. Updated informed and safe for sure answer insisting for days that he would make a final selection. President Trump today announcing on Twitter that is White House budget chief will take over as acting chief of staff Washington watchdog, Jamie Dupree, two point oh vein is a former GOP congressman who has also served as the acting director of the consumer financial protection bureau a few hours earlier, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took his name out of consideration. The president tweeting that outgoing chief of staff John Kelly has done a fabulous job. And we'll stay on until. At the end of the year. Police in Kissimmee are looking into a man that can who's connected to at least five car break ins is in the hawks nest and tapestry reserved subdivisions near Osceola Parkway in John Young police say they're increasing patrols in those areas. They say people living there should be aware. That guy thereafter is hitting those neighborhoods at night usually over the weekend. Looking for items inside of cars, so make sure those are locked check our stations Twitter page to see some decent black and white pictures of the guy. Gene Wexler, News ninety six point five WD, Jamie.

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