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The Corona virus since training camps opened, but that is less than 1% positivity rate of the total tested menace. Stirred. Adam Kaufman W B. C. Boston's News Radio 9 13 Wanna take a ride? Let's get the update on what you can expect on the roadways this morning. Lori Granddad is here with the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's alright. Still dealing with that situation. Been with us all morning long Now. This is a problem with a box truck that hit the overpass right by the Kenmore Square off from so Still at this point, they're trying to get that truck out of there. It was carrying bags of ice, and it's on its side. And when they tried to pull it with the big, you know, but heavy duty record there, it started to disintegrate, basically, so they're still dealing with that situation. Now, as far as you're concerned, you cannot get off at Kenmore Square on that rap off a store, Dr Westbourne, but you can get to the Fenway ramp. If you'd like to go there towards Fenway. You could do that. Nobody's going to stop you. All right now, here's going on on the Tobin Bridge That continues to be a problem for us. Between the center span and the fourth Street overpass. Youto work crews there. Expressways looking great right now. North bound. No major problems. Boston into the city, just super duper Fine South. Onside, however, is slow from Colombia, Rhoda Savin Hill. Now there was a water main break yesterday and conquered, and they still have the roadway closed off. It was at thorough street that had happened. But 62 east and westbound still closed between Elm Street and Sudbury Road there Lori granted veces traffic on the three very little peaks of sunshine this morning, and that's pretty much what we're going to get throughout the day today. Otherwise, it's mostly cloudy and temperatures are not going to get out of the seventies.

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