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Yeah. So you like you can be very confident in these statement distilled. Yeah. Like you've been through the internet wins of saying it, and then like buffeted by the comments and push back, and like, that's outrageously hyperbole. Right. And you know, I think it is true says, yeah, I'm enjoying getting this this distilled version of your thoughts. Yeah. This is the triple filter of Sion of my thoughts. Purest thoughts. Let me tell you why the apple pencil so great now, right? It's smaller, and it's about a waiting to it throughout. So it's better balanced. It makes it easier to halt the magnetic storage and inductive charging is unbelievable. I cannot believe that they did this because it's so good. Like, it feels like it's too good to have done it. Yeah. So going from sticking the lightning pool into the bottom of the ipod which whilst in elegant. I still remain was the best thing they could have done with that technology. You know, like being able to charge the pencil with the device, you're using on was the best thing to do trying to stick it into a wall to charge. It is a stupid idea and the void of worked. Like, they did the best thing they could at the time. But being able to just pop it on the top of the ipad, and it charges is incredible. Because it's always where you want it to be which is stuck to the ipad. And because every time it's stuck to it. It's challenging it's always sharp-edged. So I use my apple pencil more than ever now. Because it's so easy to get you just reach up and grab it. And it's always ready to go. Like always it's there is ready to go. It's it's there when you need it. And that has made it a even more valuable tool for me. Yeah. It's gone from. I always have to plug in the pencil, which I agree. I think people. Pood- that charging solution more than was deserved say his his his on this. And I think a lot of the criticism. And look I think a lot of the criticism of the way the pets function and work typically is by people that don't use them that much. So they don't get it. Right. But like if you used the applicant soul every day like we did you understand that whilst stupid and ugly and dangerous? You wanna be able to charge it with the device? Yeah. Right. Like that was the best thing you could have done with what you had. It's now a million times better. But you think it's inelegant and you laugh at it. I think when you're not using it because if you'll only ever charging it every once in a while, it does seem stupid because you lose the capital at ever, but I prefer to have apple pencil where I've lost the cap then to be on a plane and need to go and find my adapter, so I can plug it into the back of the airplane seat to charge. It. You know? Yeah. I think you might be right about that. I mean, I do love this inductive charging so much better. Because. Always the things that I like, what's one less thing that I have to consider it all and now the amount of charge in the pencil is something I just never have to consider. I thought about it once because you'll never going to use it for an amount of time that you would even run the battery down. But like in most cases, it's very likely that you would take a break within the multiple owls of charge the has. And then you just pop it down where it's supposed to go, and it will juice up again. Right. So like, it's it's kind of perfect. I love it. I'm so happy. You're happy to hear amazing. And I'm still doing both of them. Even though the the smaller one is eleven inches like still the benefits of the same for me. Where like the thirteen is still too much screen for a lot of cases..

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