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I'm going to respond and how the teams going to look like without him how strong can this team be, you know, that first month of the Season without Kemba Walker and they tell me so they can be solid without him. They've done it before they plug in pieces off. I don't want to go for that yet cuz we're going to get no. No, I'm just saying I'm gonna be that later. But yeah, I'm talking about friggin who's backing them up right now. I'm going to get too depressed to finish the hour. Let me ask you Bobby James at today. What what what what what did you get off of it? Did you feel any better listening to him talking today? Yeah. The key thing for me is he's going to take his time as he did, but I remember in the bubble believable. He was no it's a totally different company yesterday. Sure. That was Sherry optimism is the show John but the biggest difference I see between the bubble and yet today he is going to take his time. He's not pushing it back. He said he's excited or relax take it easy and that's what the brake wage before the bubble by the way, but okay. Well, I'm just saying when he gets back from the bubble like that was for it. It didn't work. It was a it was a it was a quote that we had between games dead. Four months. Well, it's pretty clear that he was doing something during that time. They must have aggravated got it fired up again some amount of training and this is this is this is what I'm talking about. He was pushing to get back when the bubble comes up and then they taken him out of playoff games Trying to minimize those minutes and he looked frustrated now, he's willing to take the time he's willing to do what it takes to get back out there. I thought there was some level of frustration in the bubble over the summer. Go ahead. Okay, so everything is awesome. And you know, Bobby's I'm just saying he's got a guy named to the approach now. Yeah, Bobby's fine because Kemba Walker going to take his time and he's gonna like slowly come back and we're going to be talking about wins. Kemba Walker going to be playful is going to be February. So we talking about it is what the Celtics do with injuries. They kind of string you along and kind of tell you exactly what's going on. You can you can just didn't work there on the bubble. Did the.

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