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Mike, thanks so much 7 42 in an effort to rather an effort in the former capital of the confederacy to honor the memory of people who were once enslaved. It's receiving a financial shot in the arm. Richmond has been awarded an $11 million grant to build a new interpretive center in the city that leaders hope will one day be part of an ambitious long envisioned memorial campus. The grant is among more than 16 million in total funding from the Mellon foundation for projects in Richmond that in the foundation's words are examining preserving and reimagining its rich historical narratives. Other efforts receiving grants include a public art project, a museum, and an initiative, uplifting the story of a historically black neighborhood. Brendan Hazleton, WTO P news, federal headlines is presented by periton doing the can't be done for national security. I'm Peter Missouri and here are your top headlines from federal news network. Customs and border protection would see its ranks swell under the fiscal 2023 omnibus spending bill, giving it a total of nearly $17 billion. Among other things, the legislation would allocate $60 million to hire a 125 new CBP officers, 250 technicians, and 250 support staff. And after being funded by emergency appropriations following its establishment last year, The White House national cyber director's office is getting its first regular budget. Some of the $22 million will be used by the quickly growing office to develop a new national cyber strategy. For more on these stories, go to federal news network dot com. Up ahead here on WTO, we'll take a look back as an NBC four reporter is set to call it a career at 7 43. Here's Ned Miller, vice president of federal at CrowdStrike on the zero trust case study, discussion by Kara soft. So the interesting part is there's no one size fits all to the question to be quite honest. It really is unique to almost every agency because their missions are for the most part unique depending on what their service assistant may be. I do believe that from the perspective of a C cell, they are going to continue to evolve and want to be able to ask their enterprise risk based questions and get near real-time responses back. We start to provide enough of the infrastructure and the telemetry data to allow the customers to be a lot more proactive in asking their enterprise am I secure from this particular adversarial threat. Let CrowdStrike octa, Z scaler, kerosene, and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. To listen to the entire discussion on federal news network, search, Kara soft. Buying

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