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Colorado nine for 11. Free throw line, so that percentage is actually gone down today. How tough is that? I'm not just gonna go down even more. Yeah, right. Missed another one. Well, see, Listen, You want to lead the N C A and free throw percentage. You got it. Gotta stay focused, especially when you know the game still longer in doubt. And when you have to make 17 out of 22 keep your percentage Where it's at it really hard to do. Yeah. They're nine for 11. Anyone points on the board for the bus Just 53 for the Bears. And tis a bitch. Feeling Celestine takes the handoff or to grant Ass hider. Either driving down and finishes on the left side of the right handed scoop. Anyone. 55 4 38 to go? Yeah, he's been more content to shoot the three pointer this year. I think he is a really good penetrator driver type of guy to Silva. Can't get it to go down from the corner and O'Brien unable to tip it in. There's a come back the other way. Gently on the dribble stops it. It's too tis a bitch. No. Haider. Right side. Jared to the elbow spins drives down the lane shot. No good. Off the glass. Right? Kinley hider on him trying to put him on skates back and down stops, three throw line up and under goes to the left hand. And connects. It's just about Four moves in a row right there and all of them solid. Really hard to defend. Well, first, he's only 6 ft, So he's always he's low to the ground, and it's tough to get around him to get in front of him. That lead on the right side drives down near the baseline. Lost the handle ends up in the corner. Picks it up, boys up the shot. No good. Two white uniforms around it for the bus to grab it. It will be right. Bringing it up goes by and his back. Silver coming up, then pops out, gets the ball. Just want the deep ball and study drives right to the rim and lays it in. And gets fouled time out on the floor. 3 20 to go. Colorado leading by 30 85 55. This is Cal basketball driven by your Northern California Toyota dealers from Lear Field, I MG college build it lifted. Move it, Paul. It heated. Cool it, restore it. Pump it dry it clean it. Power. It lighted stage it, cut it. Dig it. Fuel it, find it. Demo it fascinate drill it stored protected. Whatever it is you do. Herc rentals has the gear and expertise. You need to get it done efficiently, effectively and safely from construction and industrial to H back in homeowner. Her current Helps conquer hard.

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