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You also have when you talk about detroit you've got you've had you had to have representation from the mc five on here and you do in more than one way so talk a little bit about that. Because i know wayne's on the record and then you covered in mc five song as well. Well yeah i mean. I don't think you could the two most detroit people. I know on the platte us. Johnny b you know the drummer from mitch ryder. I mean he's he is the consummate detroit drummer. He is a streak guy. I mean you can't get more detroit than them. And when kramer those two guys have done everything that a detroiter could do they believe detroit so having those two guys on the record gives it that flavor and. There's something very interesting about this album when i got that band in the studio and they were playing these hard rock songs. There was a certain flavor of aren. Be in it. And i think that's just in the dna of being from detroit. These guitar players played great rock and roll stuff. But you could feel that there is a little bit of our and be going on in that in that plane. Normally i would say on that. Don't want that on this album. I said yeah. We want all that bob. Listen each other went. Yeah no no no go for that. Don't change a thing. Because i wanted to have every bit of authenticity of detroit on it and like i said you can't get more detroit than those two guys Wayne is better guitar player. Now sitting was then in the mc five you know to me those the that really added the authenticity of detroit. Johnny via just one of those yields Drums on you know on the opening track. I mean jeez. He's as good as as he's ever played. You know so. I mean that's that was a little idea. Then we got in the studio. And i said we can't layer this record. We can't make this record like nightmare where we would layer this because it was a production record nightmare was i said we've gotta let disband play live in the studio so what we would do. We taught them songs. And then i'd sting you know vocal with them while they're doing it and we did everything live in the studio so those tracks you're hearing are you know i mean right Dead alive from the thing does. Actually that was the greatest fear of these guys. Play like that. And i said man. We don't wanna lose that and same with the original band your job and played all live in the studio. Why i mean when. I'm watching the video. See me nodding my head ferociously. Because i wanted to bring that up one of the things that jumped out to me immediately about hearing this record was the sound of it. The feel of it the warmth of it it felt like a record that could have been recorded in one thousand nine hundred seventy two in the way records were recorded then which i miss very much but everything breathes everything feels live sonically. It just sounds so great so that was definitely a conscious thing. It sounds like you went for. Oh really above as soon as a genius when it comes to that you know i mean. He's he can do the things that i don't know how to do the studios. You can make exactly what you just said. He can get that. Sound i could. I could talk about that song. But i would only get the studio without without above ezzard in knowing what to do you know. And it's all subtle things like Don't use that guitar use this guitar. don't use that app amp on this thing in pretty soon. You've got that sound and you know that would take me a week to do to get those sounds but we bob. He's done it so he knows how to do that. And you know. I was very proud of Also the original ban on the on the album neil denison. Mike still play as well as they've ever played. I mean they're they're lost any chops at all. We direly miss glenn. Glenn was our keith richards. You know and there was nobody that could really play light glenn and we got a letter from one guy. It kept calling. Bob estrin from england and he says i learned how to play listening to pretty for you an easy action. Which was all glenn. Now i don't know anybody that ever tried to play glam. 'cause he was he was like sibert. It was different than anybody else. And so what we did Social debris we gonna have play lead on this boxes. Let's send it to this guy and a guy sent back to track we all. Yeah that's a little place it's so you didn't know the guy at all bob didn't omen. It was literally like a cold call and you used them on their accurate. Never met it and but the fact that he learned how to play guitar like glenn made all the sense in the world to send him the track and see what he can do with it and what he said it back. We all look each other. What yeah what. A dream for him. I mean i'm sure he just had a pinch himself like. That's an unbelievable story of all these. Yeah all these people get grew up a huge fan of an artist. And you just make sending a random note and the next thing you know you're literally on the record that's incredible well at first of all you. All his friends are musicians and probably going. You want.

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