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From a New Jersey one a one point five. New Jersey one one point five instant weather tonight well these guys. what's an increasing clouds in the afternoon showers possible and a high of eighty six. Steve Winwood. New Jersey one one point five. one one point five. we rock my name is Bob. did you know you can listen to us on your Alexis. super simple. news enabled the skill on your let's ask and say. New Jersey one one five. she's and you go to because you know what. but it's. because you know what. Jersey John time is eight thirty three New Jersey one one point five will be talking Jersey again tomorrow bill Spadina Dennis and Judy to Minsk in oil and Steve travel these are all back on Monday but in the meantime make sure you check up on their articles videos and a whole lot more overrun and shape on a one five dot com let's get a check on the roads right now with the Jersey. like any stand still coming north and we've got a really bad crash north of exit eight A. it's in the car lanes it's an overturned vehicle.

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