CBS, Oakland County, President Trump discussed on 24 Hour News


Monday cbs presents a new comedy that asked the question can you ever live to close steer parasites face first i don't like your child yes yes you can be waiting twelve years futile luke that we must establish some growls i understand but no mark feuerstein gold and linda laven star balanced ottomar is bob what you get the first five now it's my turn kal monday only cbs sunday's on cds ththis the nation vice president mike pence starts off our broadcasting any adviser or anywhere in the trump campaign have any contact with the russians who are trying to meddle in the election democratic leader nancy pelosi what are you tell democrats who want a new direction we sat down with defense secretary james mattis keeps you awake at night i keep other people away from on senator bernie sanders drug that is the very fair partsch i have my own opinion keeping of your own opinion but i wanna know european through the present united states these the nation the john dickerson sunday's on cbs wtmj news time is 1202 forty one deadly rbis will act alone in the assassination of president john f kennedy it's still the central question surrounding the events in dallas on november 24th 1963 cbs news correspondent jim crawford says of the newly released twenty eight hundred records have plenty of information but few could clues there had been numerous threats against president kennedy a four hundred and thirteen page memo details those ranging from the ku klux klan to the mentally ill as for who other than oswald could be responsible the documents yield more frustration than explanation like these questions to a former cia director is there any information russian involved with the assassination of president kennedy which in any way shows that lee harvey oswald was in some way a cia agent or the document abruptly cuts off leaving us to wonder the answer let's go now to local news abortion of northwest farmington hills will remain on a boil water advisory until at least monday morning there was a loss of water pressure friday night for a couple of hours due to a malfunction in a pressure regulating valve located at hall's dead and fourteen mile that's operated by the oakland county water resource commission a new set of water quality tests will now be needed to perform be performed in that area wjr news time is twelve forty three this is science today medical students at the.

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