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His redneck Riviera bar in Nashville Tennessee does offer customers masks when they enter but they're not required to wear one now his employees wear them and their temperatures checked but it's not required the state of Tennessee and the city of Nashville do not require customers to wear masks anywhere in any business and so what we do as at redneck Riviera we offer them a mask when they come to the door and we can you know urged him to what mass some of them do are when they come in some of them down but we are from one anyway and of course all of our employees are temperature checked every day and they put on a mask and gloves we're following the letter of the law as they laid it out okay so you know we're mask for employees but not if your patrons fine with me I'm good with that I walked in the Kroger last night I was wearing a mask but I there were some people were there some people weren't the Kroger employees all were again it's just personal preference I don't think it's the masks aren't settled science here and as far as outdoor transmission we're talking a lot about these protests around the country how we might see a coronavirus bike here in the next couple weeks because everybody's outdoors and protesting and and and and gathering in the even though you see a lot of people wearing masks I don't know the science on outdoor transmission is necessarily settled here and you have the top doctor in Italy when the worst outbreaks in the world saying that the the virus in Italy has lost its its potency right now so I think it's just whatever your personal preferences right now I'm I'm unfortunately I have to miss work Friday of going to so we we have a loss in the family going to some services I will probably be wearing a mask the service just because it's been known in funeral homes and and places like that in close to where you have a lot of people to to spread so even though you know what I'm sure the people that will be the streets with the right B. some people don't think they're bogus but I think it's at this point personal preference coming up next Chris Cuomo little freedom from C. N. N. he's an attorney by the way licensed attorney he said something last night and the internet responded we've got that we've got Rosen Steen Stein chatting it up all that's coming up right after look at the news of Stanley W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go you might be.

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