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The college admissions cheating scheme. John van damore apologized to his friends family, the sailing team and Stanford during the sentencing hearing today in Boston federal court, the judge fined him, ten thousand dollars and sentenced him to one day in prison with credit for time served, this tech news report is sponsored by all worth financial wealth managers. Maker Qualcomm says he wouldn't like to not be put in judicial time out. Here's Keijo tends. Jason Middleton district court ruled that Qualcomm violated anti-trust regulations. Qualcomm would like to keep doing business as usual while late appeals. The FTC says hold my beer. The FTC has asked district. Judge Lucy Koh to deny Qualcomm request to delay enforcement of antitrust ruling handed down in may announcing that it was in the public interest, because an appeal could take years, L, G, Electric's, reiterated, the view of the FTC saying it could be forced into signing another unfair deal unless coz protections remained in place. Meanwhile, apple is reportedly in talks to buy a key part of Intel's smartphone modem business. It's German operation in a deal that could boost the iphone makers plans to internally develop a modem for its devices at present modems from Qualcomm go into iphones. I'm Jason Middleton. Guys. If you've always wanted to try Viagra or Cialis, but never wanted to visit a doctor for a prescription, or pay the outrageous price of seventy dollars per pill. Your time has finally come, you will not even have to leave your house. It can be delivered right to your door for a fraction of those outlandish prices. The insurance companies are forcing you to pay our network of doctors medical professionals in advisers can help you right now. This should not be a burden on you any longer. Many men are suffering from E D, or ED related issues, and don't want to face it, or can't afford to group prime associates want to help you solve those issues immediately..

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