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Welcome back to talk Lexus Erickson here in Concord North Carolina holding down the Fort, and the PRN studios while Mark Garo and Doug. Rice are in Texas house a feeling out there in Texas. You know it has been unmercifully hot, but I think that's been good for the contiguous forty eight states If you look at any national weather map, they're all red and we now. At least we know that Doug can handle the air conditioning in his car. Yes, so had to. We've that's read it. was tough to manipulate on and I finally had to get ahead to give in and give you get help from our Garo and how to do that, but we're. Were here. This is the second race this week. Almost forget seems like the All star race was a year ago and I'm going to ask both of you. This asked mark this on the other broadcast. We'll do it again. There were three big changes coming in Alexis. We'll start with you on each one of these. The first one being put. Under glow lights on the race cars career part of the race cars at Bristol your thoughts on that yet in love it. I'm sorry I know you and I have exchanged techs about this and you are in favor of the underground lights. The under car lights I feel like it looked a little bit half baked. Only him out the back of the car. I feel like perhaps if they figured out a way to get it to where the entire undercarriage of the car was glowing. You know I could maybe get on board with that a little bit more. With Alexis drop the under glow lighting Kevin Harvick got done the race. He said I was just hoping it fell off at some point, and you had some teams turning them off on the pitstops. Nobody really knew what to do with them. And I thought that was a stretch a little too far I. I was okay with it. Because let's face it this. This sport is desperate to cultivate new fans and putting some lights underneath the cards excites an eight year old enough to. To become a NASCAR, Fan I'm all about that. Yeah, I mean I look for the All star race. Fantastic loved it I'm not sure if it's something we need to adopt in all of our night. Races going forward, see my problem with it was. You didn't have three distinct colors. You had blue for Ford. You had the red for Toyota, and Chevy had this Kinda weird thing I think it would have helped have more distinct color chevy like they were on fire because he. Color, I I would really, if they if they do the lights again, let the teams pick a light that coordinates with their paint scheme. Joola Ghana's car look better with red lining underneath, because it would have played off the radar as car. That's not my thoughts I think we're getting a little bit to artists. Maybe well, I'll tell you. As, the car, my graphic designer husband said the same thing. He said it would be cool if they let us change. The colors based on the paint scheme, so you know. That is a little too artistic. We'll give into Jordan mark. You don't know this, but Lexus is. Husband is also very accomplished. I racer, he entered. We spent a lot of the the lockdown time watching Jordan, race. He won his court series which he runs in all the time, and he even had a few really good finishes in the replacement series. If I racing ever needs a designated caution, flag Siamese. I don't even think. They're with you mark. They're not gonNA. Let me near a gaming console. Lawrence, one of the other changes They moved the number around on the car and let the sponsors put logos markle. Let you go first on the side of the car. I liked it I. think especially. I looked at the discount tire Ford Car Brad Kazlauskiene. It really jumped off the racetrack I. think moving the numbers back a little bit allowing the sponsors a little bit more artistic, you know license to work on that side of the car on the you know the passenger side and driver side of the car. I liked it Alexis. I didn't like it at first when. When I saw it come across twitter and I saw the renderings and things of that nature. I just thought. You know what I just. It just looks weird I don't love it, but then I will say once I saw in Race I. Didn't even really notice it that much as much as I thought that I would so I'm good with it. Yeah Shakespeare says much ado about nothing. Yeah, once I started seeing it. I thought if I'm a sponsor. If I'm one, these companies and I'm dropping millions of dollars. I sure liked to have any extra pop and it wasn't distracting at all I. I know there were some detractors for just felt like. It didn't have much impact either way and the third thing Alexis was the the choose comb I love it. Absolutely love it, I think we continue that it gives a another ounce of drama into the restart and restart have been you know the best of the best as far as the content is concerned in these races as of late restarts or where all the action. Action happens and I. Think this just adds another kind of cool element to it I I'm here for it. CHOOSE COMB! Oh, I think it's a great idea I've watched. You know at Bowman. Gray Stadium Doug. A guy was in eighth place, and all the other drivers Wanda lineup on the outside room. He drove up to the inside of row one and made A. A race out of it, and maybe had a chance to win so again it brings one more piece of strategy into the deal and I think the drivers want it I. Think they'll use it in a way that will add to our site. I think in the order of adoption because they use this to Beta test, a lot of the new ideas, the choose cone. Cone will be in the sport year. I I have.

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