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Welcome to the first intense podcast, I'm Jasmine and I'm Amy. Thank you for checking us out today as we always say PLS go like please go subscribe. Please give us a review. Please. Share us just all the please please. Yep. It's free. Yes. It's free. Share us. Okay so full on disclosure today Amy y'all if y'all are praying people pray for Amy. I'm doped up your patience today. My face looks like I just went 16000 rounds with like a UFC fighter in a cage match. This is me post-surgery with all kinds of shit all over my face. I look terrifying but it's interesting is the little the it's like a sling under your nose. It's fast very strange. It's to catch all the drainage how hot is that? Oh that the drainage the drainage and the blood that's coming out of my nose so I can do you have to change that. It depends when I first got out of surgery. It was pretty frequent, you know on Tuesday. We're now as it stands. What's today Friday? Not as much it's just little leaky, but it's still like leaking and I can't blow my nose. The instinct is to blow but I've got stitches are so if I blow I could end up I'm a mess. So this is why I look like a complete lunatic psychopath right now on top of that. I'm doped up on pain meds. So this might be quite the issue of a show folks just buckle up on today's episode and NFL news Fitzpatrick is getting the ships Patrick end of the stick in Miami according to Amy also the Ravens and the Steelers make kind of somehow will if they play a game soon, huh? Maybe and an offsides Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady and not even a versus. All right. I'm sick of this shit. We're going to get into the board, right? Oh, you're going to hear my side of it pain pill doped-up fucked up looking at all. I will fight for my opinion. Okay, Ami Bose. Why is Ryan Fitzpatrick getting the Ryan Fitzpatrick end of the stick in my I mean, I'm just I'm not a fan of how they're treating him over there in Miami because you know, they turn around walk, right they took him out for to accuse they thought okay. Well, I don't know why cuz they were winning. So now they're like, you know what we're going to go ahead and binge you and we're going to start to it which I mean obviously her boss tricked. Patrick Fitzpatrick feelings, which I mean, that's not nice right now. It's not a me. Thank you for pointing out. That is not nice guys. There was any question it's not nice to do that. All right. Yeah. So with the psyche too. Well, okay, so they they benched Fitzpatrick cuz they wanted to start to it cuz they're like it's time. He's our guy let's go so he went down there, you know, I mean he was winning games and he was playing great right and then this past game. They bench him and put Fitzpatrick in and it's kind of like it's.

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