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Youth culture in the rebelliousness an anti authoritarianism that came with it. He dealt with rebel without a cause He also dealt with the wild one in nineteen fifty four The way he dealt with that was that he rejected it because as far as he was concerned he said it was a spectacle of unbridled hooliganism and In fact that film didn't guest ticket until nineteen sixty seven under oath interest also an ex category x basically took the part the the Place of h because by that point by the fifties the kind of horrified had largely died out h. Haven't been used for that many films as it turned out but acts was made a mandatory category. So that meant the people under sixteen could not go into x. rated films and it was used obviously not just for horror but for for anything that was considered more adult more kind of sex and violence stuff was allowed those than were allowed in films rated a john. Trevelyan took over as secretary at the time. That was the name for the sensor. At the time in the late fifties he presided over some of liberalization of the board He was in place when the obscene publications act came in in nineteen fifty-nine which was almost immediately successfully challenged by the book lady. Chatterley's lover and a hazel. This is the beginning of a shift of public views of morality through the sixties ready. It was his opinion that the bb f c can shoot responsibility for the guardianship of public morality so it was under civilian that we got the first use of fuck in film in Disease in nineteen sixty seven the fest of full frontal female nudity and blow up and the first full frontal male nudity in women in love. Trevelyan also oversaw overhaul of the rating system. In nineteen seventy you were still suitable for A was downgraded to basically what we now think of as pg so it was definitely an advisory category. It was just saying the thing is not really suitable for the youngest children. There was a new category introduced called a which quiet adult accompaniment full any child under the age of fourteen and x was moved from sixteen to eighteen at that point but.

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