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I'm mostly. I was confused. Because how do you even progresses to these those just jumps to like you dislike aright. We're here now regarding that. I don't think it's really original key. I mean nothing's in original concept everything you do someone else's already done it and regarding the whole idea of post-apocalyptic with sleep roussy teeth came here. I with the short film day five. Which again is about an apocalypse. Where if you fall asleep are no you. Just close your eyes you die. So they're having this survive trying to keep their eyes open for so many hours and while i mean yeah are things that may or may not be explained here that dead. I feel like executed the fear having zero sleeping Were better than this film. Because this film is just all over the place but it goes even when it does action saved. Does action scenes by whopping latrine. Whether or not someone is listening or that in person doesn't listening and they have to run for the life or shoots someone and the fact that you even bring this to an apocalypse. 'cause like okay. So people can't asleep do they. Are they like dead air. Like it doesn't fully explain. Or at least i don't think how even gets to these points and either you're bitter. You're not and i am not. I'm like okay. There is nothing in here for me to really get entertained by just watching the going w. t.f till the end of the movie and by the nfl's like okay this. I don't understand why this is on the top ten. The has no e- even by its concept it really doesn't want any of this it's Very sloppy i. I i i don't even know if it's gonna be a horror movie or even thriller it's okay. Let's yes. I guess. 'cause i'd sorry. I did not have a good time with this. I was like dane. Howard it's an hour and a hassle just you wasting your time or something. That doesn't go anywhere. Why all right okay. I mean yeah. It's supposed to seal for Gina rodriguez rs. So it's a good. Hey guys it's really telling you. But i don't think it is a it's a boy i it's i. I watched it on thursday. Since i've also been alone for four weeks. Living here cells are staying wage line. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I guess that that i that is all we have unser. The i gotta go back to streaming. But i'll say next week. What are the movie. Yeah loo- loose lucia. Sir luca the new pixar films fought fatherhood in all that. Oh i carly yes. We'll be talking about. Yeah i currently back miranda cosgrove. No it's as busy. Steven slater mulia absence. Yeah so i'm i'm gonna play. I probably on there. Because i will watch it. You guys don't ask. I'm gonna do is on dizzy. Plus no that's paramount blessed. I i will be the one to experience the leanness is it a movie or tv show. It's a tv show. I sure enough at all. I you watch your force me to watch stephen slayer that that's odd. I'm not forcing you to watch. It did the strays are a did. Destroy mortal combat the box office. But you don't have to another. I that you watch these not that you foresee pockets said i would never watch these. So well Yeah it's okay. Wh- ami they got almost one hundred percents. I dunno easy so no. I mean everybody's got their own opinions. I mean yeah you like what you like. You don't like what you don't like you did. Okay ponce's available on all targets isn't platforms choice facebook spotify anchor while i mean facebook and instagram social media. Bet they'll spotify anchor apple podcasts. Can things listener. Notes is another thing but although stuff facebookcom Turned out to spend sixty four and will do video. Clips on insert reels Israel's in tiktok on plants us also actively streaming e. three actually gonna go back right into that while cody Scully cody i mean justin. As out here film is short. That will see when it's all done in. Cody will be back. Syrian sarah pigeon..

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