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That they most likely have been producing tritium and in fact the north koreans they often signals things you you never quite know exactly how does take their pronouncement because many of them have a lot of propaganda associated with them but they gave the first indications of having been since fusion reaction in two thousand ten and then they told us in two thousand sixteen that that test was a hydrogen bomb in it could quite possibly have been one of these goose that fishing bombs but for the boost the deficient bonds as well as the hydrogen bombs you need to you and yes they have the capability to make tritium and particularly the way that you produce tritium is you start with lithium6 due to ride in other words a hydrogen isotope compound of lithium and you put that in the reactor and that will make the trip for you and we concluded a year or so ago that they have been able to do that they'd most likely not produce tritium tom he's been impressed by the atom bomb was invented either america because boss country with brazil's and huge amounts of talent none of which supplied to north korea mullahs concepts of an and boom was invented by two german immigrants to the uk africian pose in the first pels memoranda but carry it through two mummy oh you obscenity county three but the point i'm trying to make here is that the brain power behind it doesn't require you know the resources of estates to come up with the original idea and of course not so where do you been done full north korea they know it's possible on because in the times of the soviets north korea relationship before soviet union became the rush renowned love the north korean nuclear scientists and engineers will have trained at russian institutes the best of north korean scientists and engineers we have no reason to think there'll be worse than anybody else yes north korea's national resources are limited but if he prioritise this over anything else if you put his top of the pile than there's no reason why the resources that you need couldn't be that is one thing to set off a bomb in a case some way and make things rattle is another thing too sets off.

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