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This is democracy. Now the president of haiti juvenile moez has been assassinated in an armed attack in his home. Haiti's first lady was also injured for months. Patients have been protesting the us back president for refusing to leave office when his term ended in february. We'll get the latest then. Pulitzer prize winning new york. Times journalist. Nicole hannah jones has rejected a tenure offer at the university of north carolina chapel hill her alma mater to join the faculty of howard university after prominent right wing donor at. Unc opposed giving her. Tenure has been reported is that there was a great deal of political interference by conservatives. Who don't like the work that i've done particularly sixteen thousand nine hundred and also by the powerful donor who gave the largest donation in the seventy year history of the journalism school. All that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the warren peace report. I'm amy goodman. Haitian president giovanelli movies was assassinated at his home early this morning. First lady martine moe's was also injured and has been hospitalized. President movies had been in office since two thousand seventeen but face large scale protests from two thousand eighteen denouncing government corruption and demanding his resignation rights groups. Say he's responsible for the brutal. Crackdown on protesters and other government critics earlier this year. His opponents accused moi's of orchestrating a coup to stay in power beyond february seventh when his term officially ended but movies clung power with support from the biden administration. Popular demonstrations against moe's had recently escalated will have more on this breaking story after headlines here in new york city. The associated press called the democratic primary race to become the city's next mayor for brooklyn borough president former police captain. Eric atoms the latest tally. Which accounts for most absentee ballots saw adams edge out former sanitation commissioner catherine garcia by one percentage point or just eight thousand four hundred twenty six votes adams who would be the city second. Black mayor ran to the right of his party. Promising to tackle crime. He's also known for supporting charter schools. And the real estate industry meanwhile updated tallies in the new york city council races show women are on track to represent a majority for the first time ever pulitzer prize winning journalist nicole. Hannah jones has rejected a tenure offer at the university of north carolina at chapel hill. And will instead join the faculty of howard university as the inaugural night chair in race and journalism. Hannah jones whose best known for her work on the new york sixteen nineteen project which originally denied tenure by unc. On tuesday she spoke to cbs. News is gayle king. What has been reported is that there was a great deal of political interference by conservatives. Who don't like the work that i've done particularly sixteen nineteen project and also by the powerful donor who gave the largest donation in the seventy year history of the journalism school. So it's pretty clear that my tenure was not taken because of political opposition because of discriminatory views against my viewpoint. And i believe my race. My nicole hannah jones will be joined at howard. A prominent historically black university by the acclaimed author and journalist tana hussy coats will have more on this story later in the broadcast in immigration news. The biden administration's extended temporary protected status or tps two yemeni nationals already in the us citing the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in their home country. Where the un estimates some twenty million people many of them children now rely on aid and tps will be extended for roughly seventeen hundred yemenis through early march twenty three. The current term was set to expire in september. The pentagon announced. It's canceling contentious ten billion dollar contract for a cloud computing system as joint enterprise defense infrastructure or jedi. The contract was granted to microsoft in two thousand. Nine thousand. Nine hundred and amazon sued saying the decision was influenced by then president. Trump's animist towards jeff bezos. Who stepped down earlier this week as amazon. Ceo after tuesday's announcement amazon stock soared amid speculation. That company would receive some or all of a new pentagon contract bloomberg reports bezos personal wealth increased by eight point. Four billion dollars in one day top. Us officials hosted the brother of saudi crown. Prince mohammad bin salman tuesday. The biden administration had not publicly announced the visit by deputy defense minister prince. Khalid bin salman amidst ongoing pressure to reevaluate the relationship between the us and saudi arabia. An intelligence report released in february found that mohammed bin salman directly approved the assassination of washington post columnist. Jamal khashoggi she in two thousand eighteen white house. Press secretary jen psaki told reporters tuesday the. Us was reaffirming. Its commitment to the nation's long standing partnership and saudi defense united nations is warning over three quarters of households in lebanon. Do not have enough food or money to buy food. As the social political and economic crises continued to spiral there. The devastating recession and inflation has led the currency to plunge by ninety percent forcing over half the population into poverty and facing major food and fuel shortages. The world bank's calling the situation in lebanon one of the worst economic depressions of modern history. The european union threatened sanctions last month. The country's leaders could not quickly form a new government and enact reforms caretaker. Prime minister hassan. Diab who resigned from his premiership following the tragic explosion at the port of beirut last august issued another dire warning this week mamata was calling the united nations all international agencies international community and worldwide dependent helps these people from dying and prevent the demise of lebanon living on his a few days away from the social explosion. Starkly slow in israel. The recently formed government too far right prime minister enough taliban it failed to extend an partake law that denies citizenship and even residency two palestinians from the occupied territories who are married to his rallies. The racists law had been extended every year since it was enacted in two thousand and three. The law failed to pass after former leader. Benjamin netanyahu's party and his allies food against it to undermine the ruling coalition which ousted him last month in iran. The outgoing government is hosting talks between the taliban negotiators and afghan government officials as the us closes in on completing its withdrawal from afghanistan and it's taliban forces continue to make major territorial advances. Tens of thousands of families have fled their homes in recent weeks. Foreign minister mohammad. Javad zarif said. Afghans must now make difficult decisions for the future of their country after.

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