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My TV set going to gather around seven o'clock our time. Biden and Putin at the Villa Le Garage in Geneva happened. I've been there once Beautiful. Beautiful villa. Wonderful, Wonderful city, Geneva and we'll we'll see as the motorcades roll up and then old Joe is going to be drawn some lines in the sand. So I met Vlad had a sleepless night. Also in the Big Three. I knew you'd appreciate my joke. Joke. What? Awesome. You guys enjoying yourself? You haven't fought over there? Sure He's worried. Oh, yeah. He doesn't know what's coming His way with old Joe takes off those aviators. Sunglasses? Whoa! Oh, yeah. Oh, Also in the Big Three. Hey, we had 70% vaccination rate, which means that for all intents and purposes, Mussolini on the Hudson Governor Andrew Cuomo says we can open up. You still have to wear your mask on the subway, but I don't believe you have to wear your mask anywhere else. I can go in and out of restaurants and stuff without a without a mask. Now that we're at 70% Joe down in South Carolina has been doing this months before we in New York have been able to do it so We do. We will join you and being open Joe. Welcome. Welcome to the world. We'll come back very much. And rounding out the Big three. We have another mayor. Oriole debate tonight and Eric Adams, the top contender. He's going to be with us at 7 30. Now it's no secret here. Of all these dams. Uh, we we all favor. Eric ends right. He's the best of he's the best of this lot. Now I'm starting to have my doubts. The Joe played another sound bite, where he called himself Eric Adams. He's gotta stop. Well, he's gotta stop calling himself in the third. Come on. Third person is this is we're going to bust him for that. When he comes up we are agree with. I'm going to tell them to knock it off. Knock it off, Eriks. That's right. Be humble. Like we are on the show. So then then I'm sure he'll come back and visit us was his mayor, if we like criticized the hell out of of this wedding Right? You don't wanna miss our interview with Eric Adams 7 35. I really want to hold his feet to the fire about bringing back stop question and frisk because he was once, uh, vocally against it. But now he's kind of changed his tune on that nowadays. Oclock. Dr Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic will be here taking your covid questions from the doctor Gregory Poland Hotline and Kyle McShane, Our buddy from the Fox Business Network. He is in Geneva. Standing there outside the garage awaiting the big summit. He will be here with us at 8 35. And, uh, yeah. Big show Big also Greg Jay and Grant. We like him. He's the career advice columnist. Video Post. He will be here at 9 35. Jeez, I sound like this morning, Jo Jo. Well, I was just gonna say, Joe, you're always criticizing me when I mentioned who's coming up on the shows that well, and I love when Michael opens the show, because when land does, he's always mentioning Who's coming up on the show? Well, what did Reno just do Their Joe? Come on. I don't hear your pipe. But up. I I was believe me, it was. I thought there was a little bit of substance in his open as opposed to as to me. No substance in my openings. I'm glad I'm glad I mentioned it. You put a little colour into the Biden story here. By the way, your office expert. You gotta ask him about the the CEO from Morgan Stanley. Basically, yeah. You want New York pay work in the New York office. Do that, Lynn You hear that, Joe? Oh, wow. With us. Did you hear that? Joe? Least I'm in New York State, Joe Fair. Thank you. Thank you very much. Who led flat and Joe? Whoa. That was a good clean. Kill them. Congratulations, but I'm ready to walk away. Well, you've been what you've been saying that for two years. What are your father going to follow through with that? I have a feeling, Joe. You're not the only one who is prepared to walk away. If everyone has to go back to the office, you know, I'm beginning to think them And we will talk to Greg. Uh, Jean Grand. Uh, And as land would say, Greg will be here at, uh, it'll be here. I mean, is one with don't you? Hello Here. Let me ask you two knuckleheads a question. If if someone were interested in office politics and what's right and wrong, wouldn't they want to know what time the guest is coming up? Are you going to make them listen to the whole four hours? No one's gonna listen. The whole show. She got to tell them when the guest is on. Well, okay. Lynn. Leave that human because you're the expert in the area. But what's wrong with you, too? That's unbelievable. It's a surprise. We don't we're not going to tell you what the guest is coming up because we want you to be surprised. Alright, Here's the thing then. I'm beginning to suspect as companies. Uh Oh, look over the work fleet and think about reopening. I think more and more companies are going to require people to go in the office for a while. We have this theory that oh, all work is going to be changed and people will work from wherever they want to work. And, uh, employees, employers are going to be flexible and all this kind of stuff. I don't think so. I think they want people back in the office that way. You know what Everybody's doing, you can look out of their destiny. Sure they're doing their job. And do you like that kind of creative energy that comes from people being together in the room, So I think more and more companies are going to require workers. To be in the office. I would imagine by you by labor Day, especially if you know, God forbid we have another new strain of the virus or something like that. That forces us to reevaluate that stuff. So tell me about tell me you're getting about that creative energy that's going to exist when you and I are in the studio together. Well, well, I'm not. I'm gonna be honest with you. And I don't think we could have pulled this show off working from our homes. Had we not spent two years together every morning in the studio. We develop chemistry. We develop affection for each other rhythm, all those kind of things that was already in place before we had to go work remotely. I don't know if it would show would have been as good if we hadn't had two years under our belt together every morning, huh? Okay, Good. What's coming up in 9 40? Yeah, I'm not sure about great chemistry. Well there there's an example of it right there. Don't you agree? Lend you don't agree. Okay, Well, I don't know. You know who knows anymore? Um, it's it's a different world. I I think I think you're right. I think some employers will say get back to the office. But others might say you know, the hybrid works, you know, work a few days from homework a few days in the office, you know, I'm talking about. You know, the Typical office worker, does he? He or she has to be there five days a week. Every week. I don't know. You know, we're in a different situation. We're doing a creative radio show or At least a radio show creative, maybe the wrong word that may be a stretch to say There's creativity evolved. But you know, Natalie producing a radio show is not the same as some person, um, working in a desk shop. Right, Natalie. Hello. Good morning. Are you with us? I'm totally here. I'm listening to you guys. The love. It's just amazing between the two. It is great. It's amazing madly. You're going to march on the ticker tape parade for all you Indispensable workers have gone to the office. I'm going to be on a float and be waving race that Natalie gets their own flows to miss this. W O r Natalie Becca get a sash. At least you got a sash to wear across this w o r D are always wanted a tiara. Sierra and a sash sit above them. I'll get my wave down from that's right. Yeah, you get the big wave parade wave right? Correct. Chris Joe makes a good point. Who the hell is going to show up for that ticker tape parade? I mean, who's going to wave to you? I mean, it's great. He's going to be there. Yeah, well, my wife said he was going to throw shock out a window. What's the point of that? I mean, then I said, Well, it might not be a lot of people in the windows, so I don't know. I mean, nobody's gonna be just I have to laugh because You know, Uh, DiBlasio announces a parade on July seven. So what is quote we'll do. We're going to shoot off fireworks. You know, it's de Blasio third over to you, Bill. Isn't it? Something amazing? Yeah, it really is that those two clowns.

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