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Put you in what we do in today. Is. People want to have an investigation about what happened four years ago. They should do that. But are you concerned about what's going on right now? Aren't you worried about the integrity of the coming elections? We worry about how we're gonna have a safe and fair election. Yes. And so I asked her this question. In that case, there's Maria Bartiromo really pushing her. And now Jared won't answer the question, because if you didn't answer the question to be awkward for her in the reality is that the Obama administration was pursuing an investigation into the incoming administration without a sufficient basis to do so. And it is amazing to watch is the Democrats who's been years literally years attempting to go over the dead ground assault on Earth of 2016 They will spend years claiming that that was a botched election. It was Russian election interference and all the rest. The minute you mentioned Oh, yeah. By the way, four years ago, you were engaged in something that was pretty nefarious. Why are we even talking about that guy's going? Come on. Bill Bar is a bad guy. We should be talking about that. Pretty incredible stuff. I mean, honestly, what? We're still hearing consistently and overtly over and over and over. That George W. Bush was evil for all the things he pursued, but it's like time just skipped over the Obama administration. So the Iraq war was super bad. George W. Bush is evil and bad and terrible, and we'll still rehash his behavior during the Economic downturn in 72,000 it then we'll just skip eight years of history and go Director Trump Pretty incredible stuff. Already coming up. We'll get two more of Bill buyers testimony. Democrats are having a really tough time actually recognizing that riots and looting are bad. We'll get to that momentarily. First. You're listening to a lot of media these days. That means you need a great pair of wireless ear pods. You need ear buds right now that are great for you. And that figure you're properly but it sound good, but you don't want them to cost a fortune. This is what Ray Cons come in wreck on your butt Start about half the price of any other premium wireless earbuds on the market..

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